Danish Royals at the Olympics

In the lead up to the London 2012 Summer Olympics which will kick off on July 27th, we will have a few posts highlighting various royals who have both attended and participated in the Olympics over the years.

We’ll start of this series with the Danish Royals!

The Sydney Olympics, 2000

As we have discussed in the past, Australian Mary Donaldson met Prince Frederick of Denmark during the Sydney Olympic Games. They met on a night out at The Slip Inn on September 16, 2000 to be precise. Click here for our story on that.

Here’s Prince Frederick on September 25, 2000 in Sydney with his brother Prince Joachim. Mary was fully in the picture by then:

Gotta love a good Olympic Royal Meeting. As we have discussed, the Olympics is also where King Carl Gustav of Sweden met the future Queen Silvia. Wonder if there will be another one this year?

Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

Just four years later, Mary joined the Danish royals in Athens to cheer on Danish Olympians. This was in August, just three months after her May 2004 wedding to Prince Frederick. Mary even wore the country’s colours, which are also reflected in her engagement ring:

Queen Margrethe was there, too:

Looks like she had her Daisy brooch on:

Here’s some footage of the couple at the Games. Mary seems to be quite fluent in Danish at this point:

Turin 2006 Winter Olympics

Princess Mary seems to have missed out on these games, perhaps because little Prince Christian was just four months old at this point, but Prince Frederick was there. Here he is chatting it up with Prince Haakon of Norway:

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

A little over two years later, the couple were both in Beijing to take part in the 2008 Olympics.

During the Games, the couple visited an exhibit on China in Denmark:

They also visited the athlete’s village, where they spent time with both the Danish and Australian teams.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

The Crown Prince Couple travelled to British Columbia for the 2010 Olympics. In 2009, Prince Frederick was elected to the International Olympic Committee as a Member of the Sports for all Commission so he was at the Games in an official capacity.

Love this photo of Mary and Frederik taking a walk in Whistler Village:

They attended the Biathlon:

And a hockey game:

I wonder if they keep their security badges as souvenirs.

The 2012 Youth Olympics

Prince Nikolai, the oldest son of Prince Joachim of Denmark and Alexandra, Countess of Monzepat,  took part in the torch relay for the first ever Youth Olympics. These Games  took place in Innsbruck, Austria from January 13 to 22, 2012 and included 60 countries.

Prince Nikola represented Denmark in the rally along with two other Danish children.

We’ll keep our eyes open for the royals at the London Olympics! Maybe Mary and Frederick will bring the whole family along since it is a pretty short flight over. There has been some controversy around Prince Frederick’s IOC role recently, with reports that he has more of a figurehead than an active participant. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

20 days to go until the London Olympics! The countdown is on…

Update: According to Hello! magazine, It has been confirmed that there will be a strong contingent of Danish Royals in London. Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary will all be attending the Opening Ceremony. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie will be arriving in London to take part at a later date. They will all  be staying onboard the Royal yacht Dannenbrog. LOVE IT.


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  1. So far so good! One more, Nikolai is present in this Youth Olympic Games. I love you Nikolai!


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