Tom Cruise & Princess Diana

There sure have been a lot of reports on the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce (we particularly have been appreciating the insights provided by the always sharp Lainey Gossip), and it has gotten us thinking about Tom’s connection to the Princess of Wales, and really some of Diana’s other Hollywood connections in general. Without further ado, let’s  recount what we know.

This photograph of the Princess of Wales meeting Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was taken at the 1992 screening of Far and Away at Leicester Square in London. Tom and Nicole played Irish immigrants to America, with attempted accents and all. If you haven’t seen it, it’s highly entertaining for the accents alone (“We could share a pew, me and you!”). Seriously, go rent.

Here is a short Youtube clip of Diana’s arrival and the meet and greet:

I distinctly recall watching CNN the night that Princess Diana died, and Tom Cruise was one of the first to call in. Understandably, he spoke about the danger of the aggressive paparazzi. According to CNN, he said that he and Nicole Kidman had been harassed by paparazzi in the very tunnel where Diana’s crash occurred. He said they were “devastated” by the news, and furious at celebrity photographers.

“They run lights and they chase you and harass you,” Cruise said. “It happens all over the world. And it has certainly gotten worse. You look at the kind of money that is generated for the newspapers and for these paparazzis — that’s why” they are so persistent.”

 Tom and Nicole were included on the list to Princess Diana’s funeral since Diana’s Christmas card list was used to help determine who would be invited. The Cruises were on there, along with Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Steven Spielberg. Here’s Tom and Nicole heading into Westminster Abbey with Steven:

We can see Tom Hanks in this one:

We know that Tom Hanks met the Princess of wales at the 1995 screening of Apollo 13 in London.

Here’s some footage of that event:

Last summer, when William and Kate were in Los Angeles, they attended a BAFTA event. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Nicole Kidman were all there, sans Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. You’d think Tom Cruise would have been all over that. Wonder what happened there. Anyway, it seems like Tom, Rita, and Nicole all stuck together and managed to have a nice little moment with the Cambridges:

This must have been quite something for Kate:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall:

I mean, really:

The photographer wasn’t really working in William’s favour here:

Kate and Nicole had their moment as well:

Any other thoughts?


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4 replies

  1. Noticed Ron Howard in the “meet and greet” line twice. First with Tom C and then with Tom H. Interesting.

  2. “Diana’s Christmas card list was used to help determine who would be invited” – Where did you read this information? 🙂

    • The numerous people who planned the funeral were at a bit of a loss with how to proceed with the guest list since her death was so unexpected and she had not left explicit instructions regarding who she would theoretically want to include at her service. Taking that into account, it was decided that referencing Diana’s Christmas card list along with getting input from Diana’s family (namely her sisters) seemed to be the best approach.This was widely reported in the lead up to Diana’s funeral. I’ve got an old People magazine from the week after Diana died that discusses it, along with a few other newspaper clippings that report the same. I think it was a smart way to go!

      • Thx 🙂 I’m living far away from England and in 1997 I was a little girl so I haven’t got any (eanglish-language) magazines from 1997. I have only press from my country.

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