Swedish Royals at the Olympics

Unlike some of the other Royal families we have looked at so far in our series on Royals at the Olympics, the Bernadotte’s don’t have any former or current Olympians in their midst. However, what they may lack in top athletic prowess they make up for in spirit. They have been active Olympic spectators over the years and we have some pictures to prove it.

1912 Stockholm Olympic Games

Check out this 100 year old photograph taken during the 1912 Olympics which took place on home turf in Stockholm. That’s Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and Norway on the left seated next to his brother Crown Prince Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden. They are with their father King Gustav V.

Fun Fact: The Swedish Olympic team won the most medals of any other nation at the 1912 games with 65 medals. The American team was next with 63.

1972 Munich Olympics

As we discussed several months ago, Prince Carl Gustav (the current Queen of Sweden) met the future Queen Silvia at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Queen Silvia met the prince while she was working as a translator, and we even have pictures to prove it! Click here for that story.

As far as Olympic Royal meetings go, the current King and Queen of Sweden are joined by Prince Frederick of Denmark who met his wife Princess Mary during the Sydney Olympics and Infanta Cristina of Spain who met her husband (now the Duke of Palma de Mallorca) at the 1996 Atlanta Games. I’m rooting for Harry at this games. Anyone with me on that?

Turin 2006 Olympics

Father and son watched the closing ceremonies in Turn back in 2006. You can really see the family resemblance here, no?

Beijing 2008 Olympics

The King and Queen waved their flags for the Swedes in Beijing two years later:

Princess Victoria was there for the Paralympics. She is  shown here cheering for the Swedish basketball team who was playing against the Canadian team:

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

The King and Queen were joined by Prince Carl Phillip in Vancouver and the Royal trio made it to several events. Love the jackets.

And, look! They ran into some more royals while they were there. Here they are with Prince Albert and soon-to-be Princess Charlene:
According to Hello! magazine, Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Phillip will be in London from July 30 (so they will miss the Opening Ceremonies taking place on the 27th) to August 3. Fantastic, I say. The King and Queen will then arrive in London on August 7th and will remain until the Games close on August 12.
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