The Dutch Royals at the Olympics

Good news for fans of the Dutch Royals: Princess Maxima, Prince Willem-Alexander, and their three daughters will be attending the Olympic Games in London. The Prince and Princess are always right into things, cheering away so no doubt they will be decked out in orange and waving flags in London. I expect no less.

While there haven’t been any Dutch Royal Olympians as of yet, the Netherlands hosted the 1928 Olympics which were held in Amsterdam. This picture below is of Prince Hendrick addressing the crowd during the Opening Ceremony. He was the Prince Consort of Queen Wilhelmina:

Notably, Amsterdam is currently in the bid process to host the 2028 Olympic Games, which would be a significant nod to that first Games 100 years prior. Other European cities that are currently planning to bid for the Games that year are Rotterdam and Saint Petersburg.

Now let’s dive into some pictures of the lovely and upbeat Maxima and her family during recent Olympic Games.

Turin 2006 Olympic Games

The Prince and Princess attended the opening ceremony. Looks like the Prince hasn’t yet gotten his white cover-all on:

The family were in Torino as well – the girls were so young! That’s Princess Catharina-Amalia on the left and a very young Princess Alexia on the right. Check out our post on how Catharina-Amalia is one of the future Queens of Europe by clicking here.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Princess Maxima and the Prince were at the Opening Ceremonies once again, waving their orange flags around with vigour. They really made those spectators seated around them look like no fun at all in comparison, eh?:

The Prince and Princess weren’t looking super interested here, though. Perhaps they had over exerted themselves before:

Or, maybe they were jet lagged? They were certainly more into the spirit of things at a beach volleyball event:

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Skipping along, the family spent quite a bit of time at the Olympic Oval in Richmond, BC where the speed skating events were held. The Dutch love speed skating; the men’s team won bronze at the Turin Games in 2006 and at the Vancouver Games in 2010. For some more Olympic trivia, here;s a fact for ya: speed skating is the sport that has won the Netherlands the most Olympic medals overall with a total of 82 medals. Oh, yeah.

Here are some of my favourite pictures of Princess Maxima and their daughters cheering away. That’s Princess Ariane up on the Prince’s shoulders:

Next up: London. The athlete’s villages are now open to receive athletes and we are just 8 sleeps away from the Opening Ceremonies!

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