The Norwegian Royals at the Olympics

It has been confirmed that Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit will be at the Opening Ceremony in London next week. Woot woot!

The Norweigian Royals are yet another Royal Family with a long history with the Olympic Games. Like the Spanish Royals, they are excellent sailors, so let’s start with the 1928 Olympics where some Royal Olympic history was made. Here we go…

1928 Amsterdam Summer Olympic Games

At these games, which we spoke about on our recent post on the Dutch Royal Family’s involvement in the Olympics, Prince Olaf (King Harald’s father) won the Gold medal in the six meter event. This makes him the first Royal to win an Olympic Gold medal.

Kudos to Olaf!

1952 Oslo Winter Olympic Games

The first of two times to date that the Olympics were held in Norway was in 1952 when the capital city of Oslo hosted. The Opening Ceremonies took place on February 15, which just happened to be eight days after King George VI of England died, leaving Princess Elizabeth as Queen. This was marked with flags at half mast during the ceremony.

Another notable part of the ceremony was that the Games were officially opened by Princess Ragnhild, which was a first time that a woman had done the honours. Her grandfather King Haakon VII was meant to do it, but he was in London for the King’s funeral service.

Here is a photograph of the Princess. She is King Harald’s older sister, so if the current rules had applied when she was born, she would have been Queen.

1964 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games 

Four decades later, Crown Prince Harald, now King Harald V of Norway,  carried his country’s flag during the Opening Ceremony and competed in sailing. Here he is helping to lower a sailboat into the water during the Games:

And that wasn’t the end of his Olympic career…

1968 Mexico City Olympic Games

The Crown Prince also competed in the1968 summer games…

1972 Munich Summer Olympic Games

…and again during the 1972 Summer Olympics.

1994 Lillehamer Winter Olympic Games

These Games were the second time that Norway has hosted the Olympics. The Royal Family was very involved in the festivities and arrived at the Opening Ceremonies in this delightful sleigh. What a winter wonderland:

Here is a shot of them during the ceremony. Prince Haakon has aged well, eh?:

King Harald had the job of declaring the games open and Crown Prince Haakon lit the Olympic flame.

Here’s another view. He must have been boiling next to that big flame:

Fun Fact: During these games, Norway walked away with the most medals of any country with a total of 26. Ten were gold, 11 were silver, and 5 were bronze.

2006 Torino Winter Olympics

Skipping along, Prince Haakon attended the Games, and is photographed here looking chummy with Prince Frederick of Denmark. They were watching curling:

2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games

King Harald and Queen Sonja made it to these games and flew the flag for Norway:

2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

The King and Queen also attended the 2010 Winter Olympics and certainly suited up for the cold mountain air:

Prince Haakon attended these games as well:

2016 Youth Olympic Games

The next Youth Olympic Games will be held in Lillehammer in 2016. Prince Haakon is sitting on the committee for these Games.

Well that brings us to now…four more sleeps until the Opening Ceremony in London!

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