The British Royals at the Olympics

With just two days to go until the Opening Ceremonies in London, it’s time we talked about the home team’s Royal Family.

London was announced as the winner for the 2012 Olympics on July 6, 2005 and we were somewhere in that crowd below in Trafalgar Square for the celebrations:

It was super exciting, and heartwarming to see all the people taking time out from work in anticipation of the big announcement. And now here we are!

In recent months, the Royal Family’s involvement has really ramped up. Princess Anne travelled to Athens where she received the Olympic flame and began the torch relay.

She is a member of the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, President of the British Olympic Association, and a former Olympian.

Kate has also gotten involved. She met with the Team GB Field Hockey men’s and women’s teams to lend her support. For more on that visit, click here.

Princess Beatrice has also been all over pre-Olympic fun. She started the 5k race in the London Olympic Stadium and said,

“I am thrilled to be able to play my part in such a historic occasion and it is fantastic to see the incredible transformation that the Olympic Park has undergone. I, like so many others running on the day, know that the experience of being one of the first to cross the Olympic finish line is an extraordinary moment in what promises to be a memorable year for the nation.”

She was also on hand to receive the Olympic torch as it arrived at Harewood House in Leeds along with the Earl of Harewood. You may recall from our post on Queen Victoria’s diamond and sapphire tiara, that it is now the Earl and Countess of Harewood that now own it. Click here for more on that delightful sparkler.

Zara also participated in the torch relay. She is shown here on her horse  Toytown, who was retired last year. Toytown sure seems like an amazing horse. Zara said, “He’s awesome, he done us proud. He loves crowds, he was just a little bit… it makes a noise, so he was worried about that. It’s unreal the amount of people that are here. Such a massive honour.’

The British Royals will be out to cheer Zara on when she competes on her new horse who is appropriately named High Kingdom. Good luck, Zara!!!

Zara really got into the spirit of things in the photo booth when she went to pick up her Olympic uniform. Oh, yeah!

As we know, she is following in the footsteps of her mum Princess Anne who  was first member of the British Royal family to participate in the Olympic Games. She competed in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal where she rode Goodwill,  one of the Queen’s horses.

It is through her interest in horses that Princess Anne met Mark Philips, her first husband. They met at a reception for the British Olympic Equestrian team in 1968, for which Mark was selected as a reserve. He did participate in the 1972 Munich Olympics where he won gold in three-day eventing. He also won a silver medal in the 1988 Olympics. No pressure, Zara!

Next up: the Opening Ceremony. There are some seemingly legit reports that the Queen filmed a scene with Daniel Craig- aka James Bond- at Buckingham Palace to be shown during the Opening Ceremonies. Please let this be true! Regardless, the Queen will officially open the Games and will be there with oodles of other Royals.
See you then!!

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  1. Ooh, the Queen and James Bond? Yes please! 😉

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