Remembering Princess Diana Fifteen Years Later

It’s hard to believe that Princess Diana died fifteen years ago today. William was fifteen when his mum died and now of course he’s thirty, just six years younger than Diana was on August 31, 1997. That’s rather sobering.

Just a few months before the accident, those amazing Mario Testino portraits had been featured in Vanity Fair in order to promote the auction of Diana’s gowns. This is my favourite of those portraits; she looks like she just came in from a day on the beach and decided to wrap herself up very creatively in a towel and chill out on the sofa.

And I must confess to trying to recreate this photo with not so spectacular results:

Love this one, too. Cocktails, anyone?

On that terrible day I remember being as shocked as everyone else, and searching the internet to see if there was anything more up to date than what was on CNN. That was one of the first times I’d ever been online. Seriously. And now here we are with this blog! According to our site stats, these are the top five Princess Diana posts we have ever published. Take a peak in case you’ve missed any of them:

5. Princess Diana’s Wedding Looks

She wasn’t the first royal lady to try not to detract from the bride!

4. Princess Diana’s Spencer Pearl Choker

Such a beautiful necklace. The Spencer ladies sure do like their pearls!

3.  Princess Diana’s Walk to Church at Sandringham on Christmas Day

This is a nice look at Diana’s walk to church on Christmas with the Royals.

2. Princess Diana’s Coleherne Court Flat in London

When Lady Diana was a working girl in London, this is the apartment block where she lived, and we’ve walked by a few times to get a sense of the place.

1. Jewelry Predictions: Princess Diana’s Sapphire & Pearl Choker

LOVE this piece. Please let it come out of the vault again soon.

Any more Princess Diana memories?


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  1. At first I thought it must be a hoax. My thought process was that maybe she had become feed up with all the press attention and staged her dealth so she could live her life in peace. But as the days wore on, I knew she wouldn’t let the world suffer so much because of her passing. She was my idol as an impressionalbe teen and young woman – so beautiful, always dressed appropriately and somehow always knew the right thing to say and do. For my own wedding, I used music and readings from the Royal Wedding. And now I am enamoured with Kate – what a fresh and young prespective she (and William) bring to the Royal Family!! The current fasinaiton with Kate is very similar to the facination we all had with Diana – every move, every outfit, every action, word, etc. I’m sorry -didn’t mean to go on and on. Thank you (again) for this wonderful post!!

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