The Queen Always Has a Hoot at the Braemar Games

One of the things that I took away from the Queen’s James Bond skit for the Opening Ceremony was that Her Majesty really is one heck of an actress.

Yes, she only had one line, but she really delivered it well and without a hint of self consciousness. Then I realized that she’s had to spend her whole life looking fascinated and interested in everything from dance recitals to jam factories, so no wonder she is a pro! Except maybe she wasn’t so good at it during the rest of the Opening Ceremony:

That’s why it’s all the more delightful to see her looking genuinely happy and relaxed, and it seems like the Braemar Games really does that for the Queen every year. And we know we aren’t the only ones who like seeing this; google searches for “the Queen laughing” bring people to our site all the time.

The Braemar Games, of which the Queen is Patron, are held on the first Saturday of September in Aberdeenshire, not far from the Balmoral estate where the royals spend their summer holiday. So, she’s already relaxed from that, plus she gets to cheer on events like tug of war, sack racing, caber tossing, and a whole lot of bagpiping. Plus, the royal men get kilted up. what’s not to love about all of that?

This is tossing the caber, by the way. First, you carry a huge log like it ain’t no thang:

And then you toss it in the air as far as you can:

Yes, it does look hilarious. So when picture came out of the Queen, Phillip, and Charles laughing and generally enjoying themselves at the Games came out yesterday, I thought there must be a mistake because I’ve seen these before. You’ll see why.

First of all, here’s the Queen having a grand time with Charles on September 1st:

It’s nice to see Prince Phillip up and about again, as well and joining in on the cheering:

Look at that!


Camilla was having a hoot, too

Now let’s look at past years. In 2011, the Queen was also in high spirits:

We’ve seen the Queen give out lots of trophies, but there’s something about the unbridled joy that went along with this one, eh?

In 2010, Charles and Anne were there as well:

This event has got to be a favourite of Charles’ as well:

HM even did the hand-on-arm laugh:

More fun was had in 2009:

And in 2008 the tartan blanket came out but the Prince looked pretty chilly:

It’s nice seeing different family members joining in. The Queen chilled out with the Duchess of York in 1990 before all hell broke lose:

The Queen mum was there with Prince Charles in 1988:

Princess Diana at Charles joined the Queen and Queen Mum in September 1982. Diana always wore tartan to the Braemar Games.

Check out Charles’ face. And then the Queen’s. They are LOVING it:

Another nice moment. They really are relaxed up in Aberdeenshire:

There’s so much to love about this photo of the royal attendees in the 1960’s:

To end, this is  the oldest picture we have of the Royals at the Braemar Games. The Queen, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and the Queen Mum all attended in 1958:

Delightful. If you haven’t quite had enough already,  you might enjoy our posts on Balmoral style.

Part One is here

And Part Two is here.

Hurray for all things tartan!

And before we go, have you seen these waving solar powered Queens from Kikkerland? I think they are a hoot!


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