Happy Birthday to The Royal Post!

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Royal Post. Thanks for coming to visit us and to read one or many of our 226 posts! It sure has been fun.

We thought we’d mark the day with a look at the ten most read posts of the year.

10. Sarah Ferguson’s Engagement Ring

Although Fergie and Prince Andrew have been divorced for years now, this is constantly google searched, bringing readers to The Royal Post. Take from that what you will.

9. Kate & Pippa Wearing the Same Clothes

Are musings on the seemingly shared closet of the Middleton girls, updated whenever there’s a new piece discovered.

8. The Miller Sisters

These are the three sisters who have had lots of ink spilled for them because they married “two princes and a Getty.” Interesting that this post, which we published back in the first two weeks of the blog, is being read oodles of times every day, mostly thanks to google searches.

7. Crown Princess Mary’s Engagement Ring and Pre-Wedding Interview

You just gotta love Crown Princess Mary.

6. What Kate Was Wearing When She First Met the Queen

As Kate disclosed during her and William’s engagement interview, this first meeting took place at Autumn and Peter’s wedding at Windsor. You know, the wedding when the bride and groom decided to sell the pictures to Hello magazine and all hell broke loose. That one.

5. Our Favourite Royal Wedding Dresses

This was one of our first posts. Take a look and vote!

4. A Tale of Two Cottages: William & Kate’s London Home

A peak at Nottingham Cottage, the little house on the grounds of Kensington Palace that William and Kate have been calling their London base.

3. Kate & William’s Future Kensington Palace Apartment

Kate and William are getting the keys this month, and renovations will be underway in their new apartment, which used to be the home of grand dame Princess Margaret. As you can image,  How exciting that it will be given new life by William and Kate. This is a big deal. I imagine they are planning on making it their permanent base. Yes, it way off into the future, but when William becomes king it wouldn’t surprise me if he and Kate decided to stay on at KP instead of moving over to Buckingham Palace, or Buck House as the royals call it.

2. Thoughts on Emily McCorquodale’s Wedding

This was seriously fun. When the pictures came out of Emily’s wedding, we couldn’t help but write and write and write about what we were seeing. Fortunately, reporters out there didn’t seem to really have a clue so it was fun to shed some light on things.

1. British Royal Family Christening Gowns

Who knew there were so many people out there searching for royal christening gowns? Take it from us, there are. Every day of the week.

Thanks for all of the comments and messages in the last year. Do let us know if you have any requests for future posts!


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7 replies

  1. Congratulations on a wonderful year!! I’ve enjoyed every post!

  2. Happy Bday RP! Thank you for your wonderful job and your sincerely love, about those items that I enjoy every day!!! For many, many years ! :))

  3. Congratulations!! Your posts are very interesting and very entertaining!! Looking forward to another year and more of your delightful posts!!!

  4. I like the eclectic nature of your posts ~ just like real life!
    Congratulations on 1st anniversary/birthday.

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful thought out and informative post! Looking forward to your posts in year #2!!

  6. Happy birthday and concratulations on your first year 🙂

  7. You may not be as prolific as some royalty bloggers, but your posts are always well written and contain much detail.

    Keep up the good work!

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