Kate & William’s Staff on Their Jubilee Tour

Tomorrow, Kate and William’s Jubilee tour will come to an end and they will head back to Britain. I for one am going to miss waking up to delightful pictures like this one:

And this one:

Now that we have oodles of pictures to look through, let’s recap the unsung heroes that have travelled with William and Kate to help make sure their tour has gone off without a hitch.

We discussed the who’s who on their staff in detail in a previous post (click here to read it) and then mused over who would be on the trip in another post (click here), because that’s just what we do.

So, how right were we?

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Principal Private Secretary and Equerry to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

As expected, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton has been on hand for the entirety of the trip. As the couple’s Principal Private Secretary, he likely had the unfortunate job of both informing William and Kate about the unfolding picture fiasco and spearheading a plan of action. This was all on top of keeping the tour going smoothly, of course. I’m sure he’ll be ready for some serious R & R when they get back to London!

Here he is with Kate the day things got real, during the stop in Malaysia:

Let’s play ‘Where’s Waldo’ for this next photo. Jamie is right behind William and Kate in this photograph, taken earlier that same day at a cultural event in Kuala Lampur Park:

And as far as that whole photo scandal goes,  it seems to me that as unfortunate as it was, as far as ‘recovery mode’ goes it couldn’t have been more perfect that:

a) Kate and William were both working on behalf of the Queen the day they were published, and not out of the public eye in Wales or spotted shopping in Kensington or something

b) the news broke on one of the busiest days of the tour

c) and that Kate was very respectfully dressed all covered up at a mosque, head scarf and all.

I mean, seriously. Full marks for keeping calm and carrying on! FULL MARKS!!

Now back to the guy at the helm of this tour behind the scenes. No duty is too small – here he is helping Kate out with an umbrella during a downpour (he’s on Kate’s left) as William and Kate lay memorial wreaths in the Solomon Islands:

I am sure William and Kate were very grateful to have him there, and even more so once those photos were published.

Rebecca Deacon, Private Secretary to the Duchess of Cambridge

We wondered if Rebecca would be along for the trip, and it turned out she was! It must have been extra helpful for Kate to have her there as a support.

On the morning that those pictures were published, Rebecca assisted Kate with flower collecting as she did a walkabout:

Another look:

And the full extent of the craziness that they were in the middle of can be seen here:

Like Kate, she changed for their next set of engagements that day. It’s a small picture, but I believe that’s Rebecca in the cream dress behind Kate:

 She can also be spotted in a striped dress walking behind William and Kate when they arrived on the Solomon Islands. She’s carrying Kate’s Le Pilage Longchamps bag. In this awesome post done by What Kate Wore, they have some more info on it if you’re interested.

Here’s another photograph of Rebecca and Kate taken in the Solomon Islands. She seems to really be a great person to have on the team and you just gotta give it to her for not seeming fussed about hair and makeup in that humidity! And I love her light blue dress.

Amanda Cook Tucker, Kate’s hairdresser

Speaking of hair,  Amanda Cook Tucker was also spotted so the reports that she would be the hairdresser on the trip turned out to be true.  As we mentioned before, she reportedly cut both William and Harry’s hair when they were children and they really appreciate her discretion. She’s looking very classy here, no?

 Protection Officers

We went into detail on who has been assigned as Kate’s personal protection officers in our post here. I haven’t noticed Emma Probert in any of the pictures so far, but do I spy Kate’s protection officer Karen Llewelyn here? I think she is the blonde lady in the patterned scarf behind Kate:

In our next post, we’ll have a recap of tour highlights. Thanks for stopping by!

Updated: You can check out our highlights post by clicking here


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3 replies

  1. So funny!! And informative. Thanks for a great post!

  2. I read that Emma Probert is pregnant, so she stayed in UK. Is it true?

  3. LOVE your choice of words this morning!
    I too will miss ‘waking up’ to such delightful pics of Kate & Will interacting, talking (and yes, even dancing) with the locals!!
    Ever since Rebecca’s person and role was revealed, I admit to looking for her whenever we are treated to pics of Kate out and about on any kind of official business…
    Before today’s post, I had not know about Kate’s protection officer. But because of your photo, I do recall seeing her in a number of pics from this tour.
    As a reader, I’m seeing more and more posts, blogs and website mentioning one another (in positive ways) and feel the need to comment that it’s refreshing in today’s ‘I’m better than you’ world. WhatKateWore is also an ‘amazing’ site, dedicated to sharing details on Kate’s every outfit (for those of us interested in such things).
    Nice of you to acknowledge those ‘behind the scenes’ who undoughtedly helped to make the tour the smashing success that it was…
    Another INCREDIBLE post – thank you!!

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