The Victoria Revealed Exhibit at Kensington Palace

Today we’re continuing with my recent visit to Kensington Palace. Our last post focused on the current Diana exhibit, and today is all about Victoria Revealed, a temporary exhibit that looks at some of Queen Victoria’s  toys, dresses, and sketches to give more insight into her life.

This exhibit is also very appropriately held in some of the rooms where Victoria lived. She was born at Kensington Palace, and it is where she grew up. It was here that she was woken up in the wee hours of the 20th of June 1837 when she was eighteen and was informed that she was now Queen. This monument now stands in front of the palace in her memory:

So let’s get started! Just like there was a ‘D’ painted on the wall for the Diana exhibit, there was a delightful ‘V’ for Victoria that leads up the stairs to the exhibit:

One of the first things that caught my eye when I walked in was this dress. Queen Victoria wore this to her first Privy Council Meeting on the day she became Queen. It was originally black since the court was in mourning for the King, but it now appears brown because of age:

And that Privvy Council meeting took place in the very room where the dress now is. How cool is that? Another highlight for me was a room that displayed some of the future Queen’s toys, including this delightful doll house:

The doll house is set up on this yellow rug which has the following quote from Queen Victoria:

“My earliest recollections are connected with Kensington Palace where I can remember crawling on a yellow carpet that was set out for this purpose.” 

Love that! And to top it all off, the room where all of this is set up is believed to have been Victoria’s playroom. That room includes these tiny outfits that were worn by two of Queen Victoria’s children to a fancy dress party:

And there are also some sketches that Victoria did when she was still a princess. This sketch is of her dog, who she named Dash. He is shown here all dressed up in a jacket and hat:

While I was looking at this I recalled a video which we included in our post on the British Royal Family’s christening gowns. In it, the Queen talks to a very young Zara and Peter Philips about her new Corgi who she has named Dash. She tells that that it is “a word you use when you’re cross. And it comes out frankly well as a dog’s name, you see.” So apparently dog’s names run in the family, too!

Here’s the video. The “Dash” stuff comes up at 1:36 and is really quite funny:

The adjoining room houses Queen Victoria’s wedding gown in a beautiful display. Looking at it in person, I was struck at how TINY she was. She must have been well under 5 feet tall:

Her head dress and earrings are also shows in a glass case so you can really get a good look:
If you feel so inclined to read our post on Queen Victoria’s wedding dress, click here and for more on her wedding jewels, click here. It was fun to see it all in person!
To end, check out the regal signage for the washrooms:

All of that walking around worked up an appetite so my next post will recount my visit to The Orangery for tea in Kensington Gardens. See you then!

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  1. Love your posts – can’t wait to go to KP – hoping next year to make to trip from downunder. How was tea at The Orangery? There’s so many things I can’t wait to see in England, KP is on the top of the list. Would have loved to have seen the Queen’s diamonds exhibit – will be too late for that

    • The Orangery post has just gone up. It’s a lovely spot to spend time in. I’d make it part of an outing to the gardens or KP again for sure!

      Yes, too bad you’ll miss the Queen’s diamonds but who knows what other good stuff will be up by then! Thanks so much for the comment 🙂


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