Tea at The Orangery, Kensington Palace

In our last post, I recounted a recent visit to Kensington Palace. Click here if you missed it. All of that walking around worked up quite an appetite, so I ended my visit with a trip to The Orangery Restaurant which is situated in Kensington Palace Gardens.

The Orangery was built by Queen Anne, who ruled from 1702 to 1714, as both a greenhouse and a place to entertain. And here’s the lady herself:

Queen Anne spent a significant part of her reign at Kensington Palace, and the Orangery is the building project which she is most remembered for. Building began in 1704 and was completed in 1705.

As you can see in the photograph I took below, the walk to The Orangery from the palace is very picturesque. I was lucky that the sun came out!

The inside is beautiful, with high ceilings, white walls,  and a lot of natural light.  It can be rented out for events and has hosted weddings.

Here’s the view from my table:

And here’s a look at the menu:

The tea itself came with a nice variety of tasty treats and I especially loved the scones. The staff were all very friendly but I have to say that our afternoon tea at the Goring Hotel (where Kate and her family stayed before THE wedding) has The Orangery beat in terms of both presentation and selection. In fairness, the Goring is a tough act to follow. Click here to read that post!

When I walked out and snapped this picture of the patio outside, it was cloudy again:

I walked around some more outside after tea, and couldn’t help but think about how Kate & William’s cottage is somewhere over that sturdy wall you see in the background above and in the picture here:

Renovations to their new apartment in the palace are reportedly underway, but I can’t say I saw any evidence of that. I also walked down ‘ambassador’s row’ behind the palace, where there are oodles of signs that say that it is forbidden to take any pictures. It’s definitely worth checking out to see all the architecture of the embassies for yourself, and you also get a view into the entrance to the palace for residents, staff, and visitors (the invited kind).

To end, here’s a photo of some more KP greenery:

The official page for The Orangery Restaurant can be found here. If you’re having a walk in the park, I highly recommend stopping by!


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5 replies

  1. Dear Royal Post

    I am so hoping for a blog on Osborne House. Do you think there is a chance?

    Loyal Royal Post reader

  2. that reminds me of the happy time I had in London with my Ex-boyfriend. had the afternoon tea but was disappointed I did’t get the one with the 3 tier stand. The scone was so delicious that I wanted to buy some home…but didn’t do that at the end when I discovered one scone was 7 pound (from memory)!

  3. Thank you! Now I feel as if I have been here myself… Funny you should mention the Goring as it was on my ‘bucket list’ the last time we were in London but a visit there just didn’t work out. I will take a moment and read your post… Maybe I should refer to myself as ‘jealous Jenniffer’ – to live in London would be a dream come true for me!

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