Kate’s Lace!

A light but fun post today. A few months ago, Kate wore a beautiful blue lace dress by Jenny Packham to the Royal Albert Hall for a gala hosted by the British Olympic Association. As soon as I saw it, it became my favourite:

And it was so lovely seeing Kate’s hair in an updo that really showed off the petite buttons and intricate lace on the back of the dress:

A few months ago, I received an email from the designer who made my wedding dress that said that the lace for this dress of Kate’s is from the same supplier as the lace we used for my wedding dress. Fun! Since my dress was custom made, we searched all around for an especially light and intricate lace and the supplier we ended up with was Renard Griere, who we now know also supplies lace for Jenny Packham. Renard Griere  is located in Caudry which is the last of two French towns (along with Calais) where lace is still made in France. Their website is here.

It’s funny that when I saw Kate’s dress I thought that they looked quite similar…turns out they had more in common than the cap sleeves and low back. Compare for yourself!

Here’s a closer look at the lace:

Since we’re on the subject, here are some more lace related posts if you feel like some more royal reading:

Similarities between Kate Middleton and Isabella Orsini’s wedding dresses

Emily McCorquodale chose lace, too!

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4 replies

  1. Love this post and I am so pleased to see the Royal Poster sharing something so very personal…truly you ,too are cut of regal cloth. Love your wit, sense of humour and definitely your sense of style! Thank you for brightening my day…just like the Gabriel and his big sister did this morning at http://www.heartstrong.ca.

  2. What a gorgeous wedding dress!

  3. I picked up a recent edition of Hello! which had a special bridal section in it. I think I saw the white version of Catherine’s teal lace dress in that magazine. I remember reading — I think it was here in The Royal Post — that the teal dress was from the designer’s bridal collection. Love it in teal on the Duchess of Cambridge…..she looks beautiful in almost any color, doesn’t she? But most especially in the jewel tones.

  4. Her dress is lovely but I definitely prefer yours…

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