BREAKING NEWS ~ William and Kate Baby Announcement

This is a big day! As you will have heard by now, William and Kate announced that they are expecting a baby today. This announcement was made earlier than originally planned due to Kate becoming ill with hyperemesis gravidarun while staying at the Middleton home in Bucklebury.

The decision was made to make the announcement early in case the story was leaked. The Queen and various family members and officials received word only shortly before the public announcement. The staff at St James Palace have been busy handling the press interest all day and the official website of the Duke and Duchess has crashed. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in that office right now?


We have a host of plans of posts to come over the next few weeks and months (Names! Titles! Godparents!) but for now, here are a few quick facts:

This baby will be:

  •  The Queen’s third great-grandchild (after Peter and Autumn Phillips’ two kids Savannah and Isla)
  • Third in line to the throne
  • Charles first grandchild
  • Carole and Michael Middleton’s first grandchild
  • Heir to the Duchy of Cornwall, regardless of gender, when William inherits the Throne
  • Titled as Lord or Lady upon birth, not as Prince or Princess, if the Queen is still on the Throne. Yes, you read that right! More information to come on the titles of this royal heir in a future post!
Back in their official engagement interview on November 16th, 2010, when asked about their plans for a family William answered:

 I think we’ll take it one step at a time. We’ll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at the kids. But obviously we want a family so we’ll have to start thinking about that.

William has been photographed a few times holding babies, causing much ado in the press. Here he is in 2006 at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, West London (where William was also born):

And here is as godfather he at the London christening of Prince Konstantine Alexios in 1999. Prince Konstantine is the son of Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece (read more about Marie Chantal and her sisters here).  William’s arm is in a sling after breaking his finger playing rugby at Eton.


Let’s take a wee walk down memory lane. On November 5, 1981, Diana’s first pregnancy was officially announced. Here is a picture of Charles and Diana leaving the hospital after William was born:
And here is Kate at her christening with her parents, Carole and Michael:
Stay tuned for more royal baby posts. We can wait to start talking about name predictions!  Also, we’re looking forward to breaking down the titles of the future heir!
In the mood for more royal babies? If you’d like, check out our christening post, or our Royals in Prams Part One and Part Two.

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11 replies

  1. According to something I just read the Palace is saying that the baby will be titled Prince or Princess even though there is a generation away from the “rules” 🙂 I suppose we will see.

    As always, great article…and the news is so exciting that I’m beside myself.

  2. Wow wonderful news!!!!

  3. This is so exciting!!! I hope Kate feels better soon. Can’t wait to hear what the baby’s name is!

  4. Hip,Hip,Hooray! There is a “wee” one on the way.
    Both of you are going to be wonderful parents and look forward to hearing the news upon the arrival of the new baby.
    Take care Kate and hope all goes well from here on for you.
    Wishing both of you all the best now and in the future.

  5. I wonder if William will give Kate the same necklace that his father gave Diana after he was born – that lovely pearl and gold (short) necklace with the heart in the middle? Guess we’ll have to just wait and see…

    • ooooh I didn’t know that was from him! Is that the necklace Diana wore to William’s Christening? Yes, shall have to wait and see for sure! Thanks so for the insight!

      • The necklace I’m think of was worn in an official photo (session) taken when William was about a month old. Diana is in a creamy beige blouse (or dress as everyone is seen from the waist up) with Charles in an open neck dress shirt. William is wearing a baby ‘gown’ in white or off white.
        When I think of his christening photos in my head I am able to picture Diana’s pink (tiny) floral skirt and blouse but not her necklace. Allow me to spend some time in my ‘Diana library’ and I’ll post again soon.

  6. Found my information in The Year of the Princess by Gordon Honeycombe (copyright 1982). This group of ‘informal’ pics was taken by Lord Snowdon (who did the wedding photographs) and were released on July 29, 1982 – the couple’s 1st wedding anniversary. I remember reading somewhere that the necklace came from Charles as a gift after Williams birth. As it is a more restrained piece, I do see Kate wearing it – or maybe even having it ‘re-styled’ to her liking. I wonder if it appears on websites such as Diana’s Jewels or others? That’s where I’ll check next…

  7. Jackpot!! If one visits dianasjewels online and selects ‘necklaces’ then ‘pearls’, this necklace (and photo I reference) can be viewed quite clearly.
    Diana became my ‘idol’ soon after her marriage, after which I began collecting books on her and reading them over and over and over. I lived for this ‘stuff’. Always thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen (please don’t tell my mother I said that). She seemed to always know the right thing to wear, say, do, etc. I even managed to forgive her for that hideous green dress and hat, worn on the last day of the Italian tour! Now of course I’m smitten with Kate and everything she wears, does, etc. Sorry to go on and on – there’s just never ever someone to talk to about this stuff…

    • Jackpot indeed! Thanks so much for all of this great info. It’s so nice to meet a royal kindred spirit through this blog 🙂 Oh, and I know exactly the green outfit that you’re referring to. That really was quite the hat.

  8. Henry Alexandra George Micheal.thats what i think they will name him.

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