Royal Charm Bracelets

Happy Belated New Year to you all! Today we’re looking at a fun and frivolous topic: royal charm bracelets. Because why not?

Princess Mary of Denmark

Princess Mary has accumulated a beautiful collection of jewelry since her 2004 wedding, including pieces which belong to the Crown (like the ruby parure) and those that she owns personally (like her engagement ring).

In September of 2012, Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary headed to Brazil for a six day tour and Mary brought a big ‘ol jewelry box with her.


Amongst the many jewels she wore during the trip was a gold charm bracelet. Here is a close up of the bracelets she is wearing in the photograph above. An eagle eyed poster on the Royal Forums noticed that one of the bracelets features a disc that appears to have Mary’s monogram engraved on it:


Courtesy of the Danish Royal Family’s website, here is Princess Mary’s monogram so you can decide for yourself:



Princess Isabella of Denmark

Next up is Princess Mary’s daughter Isabella. When she was born, Tasmania gifted the little princess with a tiny bracelet to fit her wrist at her christening. The bracelet is made of white gold and features white gold apple seeds and nine red hearts. The white and red is for the Danish flag.

I haven’t been able to find either a picture of the bracelet or one that shows Isabella’s wrist at the christening. Does anyone know if she did actually wear it?


But that’s not all! A charming tradition in the Danish royal family is that all girls in the family receive a gold bracelet on the occasion of their fifth birthday. Queen Ingrid, Isabella’s great grandmother, was the first to receive a gold bracelet on her fifth birthday back in 1915.

Princess Isabella turned five on April 21, 2012 and has been pictured wearing the bracelt on a few occasions.

First of all, here is one of the pictures released by the palace to mark Isabella’s fifth birthday:


And here she is in the birthday bracelet in a picture published be Hello!:


Grandmother Queen Margrethe is shown here wearing hers at two state occasions:


Queen Victoria

On to the Brits! Queen Victoria is often credited with starting the trend for charm bracelets in the early 20th century. Here is an example of one of her many charm bracelets:


This gold piece was a gift from Prince Albert in November of 1840. It features 9 enamel heart lockets in a variety of colours.  The Royal Collection website shares the following info:

This simple chain and locket bracelet is typical of the sentimental items Prince Albert gave to the Queen. The inscription on the clasp states that it was given to her three days after the birth of their first child, Victoria, The Princess Royal. A locket was added for each subsequent birth, each one containing a lock of the child’s hair.

Text from Victoria & Albert: Art & Love.

The hearts record the birth of the children as follows: pink for Princess Victoria, turquoise blue for Albert, red for Princess Alice, dark blue for Alfred, translucent white for Helena, dark green for Louise, mid blue for Arthur, opaque white for Leopold and light green for Beatrice.

An additional bracelet with numerous lockets can be seen on The Royal Collection website by clicking here. It’s a real treasure.

The Duchess of Cambridge

Much ado was made of the fact that Kate started to wear a gold charm bracelet after her wedding, pictured on Kate’s wrist below:


The real interest was for the gold disc charm. Here is a good look at it:


Let’s get even more up close and personal:


The disc features two royal monograms. One side has Kate’s monogram:


And the other side appears to be Camilla’s:


Here is Camilla’s monogram, as shown on her personal stationery:


It does look quite like it! It has not been officially confirmed that Camilla gave the bracelet to Kate, though that theory does make sense. I’ve been keeping my eyes out for Camilla to be seen wearing a matching one. How cute would it have been if she had one, too, and if it came from Charles, another ‘C’?

Diana, Princess of Wales

After all, we know that Charles gave Diana a charm bracelet that she treasured. Diana often wore a gold charm bracelet in the early ’80’s. It’s tough to see whether this is the one from Charles or not:


Some reports claim that Diana never wore the bracelet from Charles in public, because she considered it too precious (Paul Burrel has commented that Diana never actually wore this bracelet, but kept it tucked safely away with her jewelry at Kensington Palace).

The photo below shows the many charms that Charles gave Diana over the years, from an “x” for their ten year anniversary to a miniature of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Though I don’t know the provenance of this photo, I’d guess it is legit.


 Well that’s it for now. Are you charmed?


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6 replies

  1. Welcome Back ‘Royal Post’ – I’ve missed you!!

    Not sure how I feel about Camilla’s initial appearing on the bracelet she gave Kate… I guess my first reaction is ‘why would anyone do that?’ The second side should have been kept plain or maybe engraved with something else like her birthday or anniversary or possibly a ‘W’ for William. I’m curious to see what others will say about this…

  2. Thank you for the information and photos! 🙂 Are those pointe shoes hanging on Diana’s charm bracelet?

    • They are pointe shoes. Diana loved the ballet and was patron of the National Ballet. She also had dreamed of being a ballerina, but grew too tall. The closest she got was the dance that she performed for Charles. She did this dance with the choreographer of the National Ballet and performed it on stage during one of their shows as a surprise for Charles.

  3. Thanks for your comments:) Jennifer – we always love hearing from you! It’s so nice to know that there are other people out there who like all this crazy stuff like we do. Perseverance, yes we believe those are ballet shoes! Charles gave Diana a new charm each Christmas.

  4. Now I want a charm bracelet! 🙂

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