Queen Mary’s Art Deco Emerald & Diamond Choker

This is our 250th post so…let’s celebrate with jewelry! It’s time to talk about some emeralds, in particular Queen Mary’s Emerald Choker.

First, let’s try to spot it in this portrait of Queen Mary. As she was fond of doing, she is all decked out in oodles of goodies. She’s got the Delhi Durbar tiara on her head, and the Delhi Durbar diamond and emerald necklace around her neck, along with lots of other diamonds, and right at the very top of the chokers, we have the beauty we’re chatting about today.


You might recognize this piece more once you’ve seen this 1982 photo of Diana:


This necklace was originally made with 16 cabochon emeralds as part of the Delhi Durbar parure. It was remodeled for Queen Mary in the 1920’s, who brought it down to 14 cabochon emeralds set in platinum in the Art Deco style. The necklace was inherited by the Queen in 1953, who chose to pass it along to Diana as a wedding gift.

Here is a good look at it:


Another view:


Princess Diana wore the necklace on numerous occasions, including when she wore it as a headband/tiara in Australia:

princess diana choker headband

And on another occasion when she paired it with the Spencer tiara. This dress was actually blue so someone photoshopped this picture green at some point:


This is an oldie but a goodie:


Princess Diana was allowed to keep the jewels given by the Queen after the divorce, on condition that they could not be lent or sold and that upon her death they would be returned to the royal family.

Unlike the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, Diana did wear this piece after the divorce was finalized. Diana is pictured here on July 1, 1997, her 36th birthday:


She was attending the Centenary Gala of the Tate Gallery in London and is also wearing an emerald and diamond bracelet which was reportedly a wedding gift from Prince Charles that was purchased from Wartski.

Hopefully we’ll see this necklace out again before too long. In the meantime, here are some past posts on other delightful chokers:

Princess Diana’s Spencer Pearl Choker

Princess Diana’s Sapphire and Pearl Choker


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  1. “Unlike the Duchess of Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara…” = ???
    I think you need to remove “Duchess of.”

  2. Congratulations on having written 250 posts! I really like your blog, and I hope you continue to have fun writing it. 🙂


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