Countdown to the Abdication and Investiture

Are you excited yet?

With the official investiture and abdication events about to begin in Amsterdam on April 29th, we are in final count down mode for serious jewels, fanfare, and of course lots more of this delightful trio:


Lucky for us, we have a guest Royal Poster on the ground in Amsterdam who is sending us all sorts of information and pictures we’ll be sharing with you.

To begin, here are 5 things about the abdication and investiture that may have skipped your attention.

5. Orange, Orange Everywhere

Fittingly, Amsterdam is now totally decked out in orange for the big event. Just about everything is orange, including a bakery that has all orange goods in the window, and of course there are all sorts of souvenirs on sale.

Gotta love these orange hats and crowns:

Orange Hats

And they even have  orange beer!

Orange Wine

Who thinks Maxima’s gown on Tuesday will be anything other than a shade of orange?? Any takers?

Here are some of the orange creations she has worn in the past.

She’s goes formal:


And summery:


And casual chic:

Princess Maxima Attends Concert with the Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in London

And wedding guest lovely:


Naturally her engagement ring is orange, too.

4. Sports Day was Celebrated Today

The future King and Queen had their last official engagement today before the festivities begin. They joined in the celebration of King’s Sports Day, which involved 1.3 million children in the Netherlands and the Caribbean dressed in various shades of our new favourite colour. This was all in good fun to celebrate the upcoming investiture.


3. The King Doesn’t Expect to Be Addressed as “Your Majesty”

This is not a couple that is stuck on protocol and they certainly seem to be very forward-thinking and fun. This has got to be one of my favourite pictures of them, from their visit to the London 2012 Olympic Games:


Are we catching or tossing the flowers? I don’t know, but it looks like a hoot.

As Willem-Alexander said in an interview earlier this month “People can address me any way they see fit. I’m not obsessed with protocol. I will be king, but also a human being.” 

Maxima agreed, saying “People in the street call me Maxima. At the end of the day, it’s not that important to be called princess or queen. The important thing is the title we represent.” 

2. The future Princess of Orange is All Over it:


Another Dutch Royal who gets a title change is the new King and Queen’s oldest daughter Princess Catharina-Amalia. She becomes Her Royal Highness the Princess of Orange once the Queen abdicates. However, this title will not be made formal until she is 18 and enters the State Council. Until then, she will only be seen at occasional official events and in birthday portraits like this one:


According to Williem-Alexander, she is well aware of the fact that she is next in line and is all over it. “She has even asked me how long I think to be King, as to be able to mark the date in her agenda” 

You can check out our post on this lovely princess here.

1. The King’s Titles & The Royal House
Once he becomes King, Willem-Alexander’s full list of titles will be as follows:
1. King of the Netherlands
2. Prince of Orange-Nassau
3. Jonkheer van Amsberg
4. Count of KatzenelnbogenVianden, Diez, Spiegelberg, Buren, Leerdam and Culemborg 5. Marquis of Veere and Vlissingen
6. Baron of Breda, Diest, Beilstein, the town of Grave and the lands of Cuyk, IJsselstein, Cranendonk, Eindhoven and Liesveld
7. Hereditary Lord and Seigneur of Ameland
8. Lord of Borculo, Bredevoort, Lichtenvoorde, ‘t Loo, Geertruidenberg, Klundert, Zevenbergen, Hoge and Lage Zwaluwe, Naaldwijk, Polanen, St Maartensdijk, Soest, Baarn and Ter Eem, Willemstad, Steenbergen, Montfort, St Vith, Bütgenbach and Dasburg
9. Viscount of Antwerp.
Do you have all that? Good.
Upon the abdication, the Royal House also changes. The following members of the royal family will no longer be officially part of the Royal House:
  • Prince Maurits, Prince Bernhard and their wives
  • The children of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien

The Royal House will no consist of only the following:

  • The King and Queen and their children
  • Princess Beatrix
  • Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien
  • Princess Margriet and Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven
Before we go, A Quick Peak at the Official Events

Monday, April 29th Dinner 

Queen Beatrix will be spending her last night as Queen hosting a dinner for fellow royals at the newly re-opened Rijksmuseum. Let’s hope that the royal jewel vaults will be opened and the sparkliest pieces will be dusted off to come out for the evening.

Tuesday, April 30th Abdication and Investiture

The Abdication will be held at the Moseszaal of the Royal Palace Amsterdam, and once Beatrix has signed documents giving her assent she will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands. Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima become His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima.

A more detailed rundown of events can be read at the Dutch Royal Family’s official website here.

More news as we get it! Enjoy the celebrations.


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