Princess Madeleine’s Upcoming Wedding

Princess Madeleine’s wedding will quickly be upon us – as of this writing it is 28 days away- so now is a good time to recap what we know so far.

For those of us just joining the party, Madeleine is the second daughter of King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden. Her full title is Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland.

She was born on June 10, 1982 just two weeks before Prince William. Naturally then there were some hopeful royal matchmakers, but I don’t think she and William have ever actually met, so that didn’t work out.

Cut to Madeleine announcing her engagement to in the summer of 2009 to this fellow:



We won’t even bother naming him here. Suffice to say he was a bit of a cad, so that ended in the spring of 2010. Around that time, Madeleine moved to New York City where she began to work for the World Childhood Foundation, which had been co-founded by the Queen.

It was in the city that she met this guy, Mr. Ryan O’Neill, and they announced their engagement back in the fall of 2012. Our post on that can be found here.

Copyright Patrick Demarchelier

Copyright Patrick Demarchelier

On to the wedding! Here’s what we know so far.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Everything will kick off on the evening of Friday June 7th, when the King and Queen will host a dinner for wedding guests not at a palace, but at the five star Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Click here to check out the hotel’s website yourself.

This goes to show that this is more of a low-key event than the totally grand affair that took place for Madeleine’s older sister Crown Princess Victoria. As the heir to the throne, her wedding was more of a state event, and the evening before the wedding ceremony guests were treated to a black tie dinner and lavish concert.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another indication that this is intended to be a slightly more low-key affair is that the wedding ceremony will be held in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace of Stockholm at 4pm in the afternoon while Crown Princess Victoria’s ceremony was held at Stockholm Cathedral. It’s nice that they can both have distinct and different weddings.
This is the beautiful palace here. It is home to the official offices of the Royal Family;
 There will still be plenty of grand royal fanfare. For example, once the ceremony concludes a 21-gun salute will be fired at five second intervals from Skeppsholmen, one of the islands of Stockholm.

The bride and groom will then be taken by horse and carriage from the Royal Palace of Stockholm to Riddarholmen, another island of central Stockholm. The couple along with their wedding guests will then travel by boat to the dinner venue, Drottningholm Palace alongside a parade of Swedish Armed Forces.

Swedish public service broadcaster Sveriges television has been named the official host broadcaster at the wedding between Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill. The wedding will take place at 4 p.m. CET in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace. Fingers crossed it is also streamed live on the internet.

Amazingly, Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding and dinner banquet was broadcast in it’s entirety. Like, you could watch the royals at their tables as dinner was served. Talk about being a fly on the wall!

Wedding party

The wedding party is still unknown. We know that Princess Madeleine has been a bridesmaid at least once, when she attended her friend Natalia Rosta in August of 2011, so perhaps Natalia will be in the wedding party. For more info on Madeleine the bridesmaid, our post on Royal Bridesmaids can be found here.

Too bad little Princess Estelle is too young to be a flower girl! After all, she only just celebrated her first birthday on February 23. So cute:

Copyright Kate Gabor

Copyright Kate Gabor

Dress Speculation

We can again look to Princess Victoria’s wedding for ideas. She chose Swedish designer Par Engshen, who created this beautiful gown:



It would not be a huge surprise if Madeleine followed suit, particularly since she has worn his designs before. However, since Madeleine is marrying an American perhaps she’d be ok to choose an American designer. Vera Wang or Monique L’hullier, anyone?

Tiara Speculation

Now, what tiara will Madeleine wear? One solid idea is that she will follow tradition and wear the Cameo Tiara that Victoria, Queen Silvia, Princess Birgitta, and Princess Desiree all wore on their wedding days.

-Mad Hattery

Mad Hattery

This is one heck of a piece and dates back to Empress Josephine, whose husband Napolean(!) gave this tiara as a gift in 1809. I’d be truly surprised if Madeleine chose to keep this tradition going. It’s so historic and meaningful, but just not pretty. And I think Madeleine will go for pretty.

Here’s my guess for her wedding tiara:



This tiara is known as the Modern Fringe Tiara and can be worn both as a necklace and a tiara. It’s convertible! Also, there is speculation that this piece was a ten year anniversary gift from the king to Queen Silvia so there is meaning there . Plus, Madeleine uses this tiara regularly. Perhaps she’ll wear the cameo bracelet in homage to the tradition.

Any other guesses?

A title for the Groom?

Upon Madeleine’s first engagement, it was announced that her husband would take on the title Duke of of Hälsingland and Gästrikland. I’m guessing the same will go for Chris, though the Palace has yet to announce that one way or another.

Please share your thoughts with us!

PS: The most up to date details on the Swedish Royal Wedding can be found on the official website here.


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  1. I love the cameo tiara! Yes, it is imposing and historic, but it is also pretty.

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