Baby Cambridge Predictions: Boy Names

 In our last post, we really dove in and hashed out potential names if William and Kate have a girl. Click here if you missed it. It may look like we’re throwing a bunch of names at a wall and seeing what will stick, and maybe we are, but there’s some reasoning behind all of it.

So it’s time to talk boy names. My guess is that Baby Cambridge will be a girl but recently there has been some speculation in the press that Kate & William are having a boy. Like check out this piece from The Mirror here. I’m not sure I believe it – the sources seem super sketchy and I hate to think that Harry would have let that slip. Well, time will tell.

Via the Mirror

Via the Mirror

So let’s dive in to the boy names we think might just make the cut. I must say I’m not as confident on these as I am on the top four girl’s names predicted. Boys are tougher. But let’s try.

UPDATED JULY 24, 2013: Clarence house has announced: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son George Alexander Louis. The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Prediction #1: George

The Cross of St. George via The Telegraph

The Cross of St. George via The Telegraph

Current Name Rank

This name is currently ranked at #12 for boys names in England and Wales. So, yeah it’s very common but with good reason.

Name’s Meaning

Farmer or earth worker. How very down to earth!

The Tradition & History Test

Well where to begin? We’ve got St. George, patron saint of England and oodles of King Georges. Most recently, Queen Elizabeth II’s dad chose to be known as King George VI. This name gets a blue ribbon in the tradition stakes.

King George VI  circa 1940-46

King George VI circa 1940-46

The Title Test

  • His Royal Highness Prince George
  • His Majesty King George VII

Yeah, it’ll do….thought the fact that it’s been so widely reported to be a front runner could work against it. Who knows?

Prediction #2: Arthur

Current Name Rank

Arthur currently ranks #68 for boys names in England and Wales, so it’s popular but not too popular.

Name’s Meaning

Noble, courageous. Love that.

The Tradition & History Test

This is another name with a long royal history, starting with the legend of King Arthur.

Queen Victoria chose to name one of her sons Arthur. Here he is:

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn

His full title was HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn. One of the titles conferred on Kate and William by the Queen was the Earl and Countess of Strathearn, so that’s a nice little connection there. There’s a Canadian connection, too: Prince Arthur was appointed Governor General of Canada back in 1911.

Plus, the first of Prince William’s middle names is Arthur and this could have been his first one. If reports are true, this is what Charles’ first choice was but Diana nixed that in favour or William. William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis. Notably, one of Prince Charles’ middle names is also Arthur.

Baby William, Via Parade

Baby William, Via Parade

The Title Test

  • His Royal Highness Prince Arthur
  • His Majesty King Arthur

I’m giving these two names 100% for the title test!

Prediction #3: Louis

Current Name Rank

Interestingly, Louis is tied for #68 with Arthur. Huh. Again, popular but not too popular.

Name’s Meaning

‘Fame and war’…meh

The Tradition & History Test

Ok, so William was named Louis in recognition of Louis, Lord Mountbatten, who was an extremely important figure in Prince Charles’ life. This fellow here:

Louis, Lord Mountbatten

Louis, Lord Mountbatten

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex has Louis as one of his middle names, likely also in Lord Mountbatten’s honour.

I’m wondering if the fact that there’s already a Lady Louise in the British royal family could make this name a no-go…but I’m keeping it on the list because it just strikes me as a name that both William and Kate would like. It’s regal but has a certain sweetness to it at the same time.

The Title Test

  • His Royal Highness Prince Louis
  • His majesty King Louis

I like it! He gets his own somewhat unique name in that it hasn’t been used much in the British Royal Family, but there is some history there as well. Can’t count this name out!

Prediction #4: David

Current Name Rank:

In England and Wales, this name ranks at #57.

Name’s Meaning:


Tradition & History:

St. David is the patron Saint of Wales, so this name would be rather appropriate, wouldn’t you say? Prince William joined Diana on St. David’s Day in Cardiff, Wales back in 1991:

The only living member of the Royal Family who has David as a first name is David Linley, Princess Margaret’s son. He’s at the top here:

HRH Princess Margaret and Family

The Title Test:

  1. HRH Prince David
  2. His Majesty King David

Yes and YES.

Prediction #5 The Wild Card – Fergus

This is out there, but here me out. And that is what wild cards are for, anyway.

Current Name Rank:

This name is not in the top 100 baby names in England in Wales, which makes it more appealing.

Name’s Meaning

Something to do with “strength of man”

The Tradition & History Test

This was a popular royal name for the Celts in Ireland and was also popular in Scotland and dare I say that it’s appropriate for a few reasons:

1. The scottish history is a nice nod to St. Andrew’s university in Scotland where Kate and William met

2.  Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother had a brother named Fergus who was tragically killed at the Battle of Loos. The two of them  had a special bond, so this would be a nice tribute to that branch of William’s family

3. One of William and Kate’s good friends from university is Fergus Boyd, so they’d have good associations with this name. Like some other names we’ve put out there, this fact might work against this name, in which case I say, go for Angus! Angus works, too. Love both names.

The Title Test:

I think Prince Fergus and King Fergus both sound awesome. As do Prince Angus and King Angus. or Prince Duncan and King Duncan…..Yeah, these three are working for me!

A Few Solid Maybe’s for Good Measure:

  • Albert – I can’t totally cut this name out – there is so much history attached (Prince Albert/ Bertie! Alberta!) and it’s a cute name – but I feel like Prince Albert of Monaco makes this name a little less likely to be seriously considered by Kate and William
  • Oliver – There isn’t much in the way of royal precedent here but this is another name that I think both Kate and William would like. They do have  a close friend named Oliver “Ollie” Baker which could work for or against this name, who the hell knows? plus Kate’s great-grandmother was named Olive. Love that.
  • Edwin – from ye old times (like he died in 1073), Prince Edwin was a prince and warrior in North Wales
  • Philip – a nice nod to Prince Philip and a more subtle nod to Pippa Middleton…everybody wins! This is on the maybe list because I feel like it’s a bit obvious…I’d say it’s a for sure for a middle name, though.
Via The Mirror

Via The Mirror

Potential Middle Names:

  • James – If it weren’t for the fact that Sophie & Edward have a son named James, I’d say this was a real possibility as a first name…though Kate’s brother is named James so that could sway this choice either way. Meh….now I’m thinking it’s a likely middle name
  • William – For sure. No Question.
  • Peter – For Kate’s Grandad and William’s cousin Peter Philips
  • Philip – For Pippa and perhaps more importantly, Prince Philip
  • Michael – for Kate’s dad
  • Charles – another no brainer
  • Henry – Ditto
  • David – a family name and the patron saint of Wales so what the heck, eh?
  • Duncan – I just want to throw in one more Scottish name for good measure. So Scottish – and a middle name of Prince Leopold, one of Queen Victoria’s sons. Shakespearean. Heck, I think this would be a brilliant first name, too.
  • Patrick – and here we have an Irish one.Wouldn’t that be diplomatic of Kate and Wills? An irish name, a Scottish name, a Welsh name if we get Arthur or David, and an English name will be in there for sure. How very diplomatic that would be.

All right, after rattling off so many names here’s Royal Poster #1’s final guess:

His Royal Highness Prince George William Philip Duncan Charles 

And Royal Poster #2:

His Royal Highness Prince George William Philip Charles Michael

 Ok, what do you think? Are we off our rockers? Join in the fun in the comments!


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8 replies

  1. Unlike the girls names, my intuition is not coming out strong for any particular boy name. As you stated as well, James would have been my first choice too if it wasn’t already used by the Wessex’s. My wild card would be Andrew because of William and Kate meeting at St. Andrews in Scotland, so maybe it will show up as a middle name because it was Philip’s father’s name and the patron saint of Scotland. Another wild card would be Richard because of all the news surrounding the finding of Richard III may have gotten Wills and Kate thinking about the name and trying to undo the bad karma surrounding Richard III. I just think George maybe a bit too old fashioned for them and it is too obvious a choice. My choice is Edward. Even though it is the name of the Earl of Wessex, he is never called Edward anymore in writing, since he has a title. It has a long history with England. They married in Westminster Abbey, Edward the Confessor’s church. It has Victorian associations and would also undo bad karma associated with the last king to bear that name. My second choice would be Arthur, since that name has been the middle name of William, Charles and King George VI. Middle names would include Charles, Philip and possibly Michael. If Arthur isn’t used as a first name, throw that one in for the middle, to keep the naming tradition going. Don’t think William will show up until a second son is born.

  2. I would think it would have to be Prince Charles Louis Phillip of Wales.

  3. Stumbled on your blog yesterday – just wanted to say I don’t think there will ever be a king Louis of England as it is the name given to the French kings who lost the crown in the bloody revolution – it would be a bit of a bad idea… Otherwise I personally reckon George

  4. Please not Duncan, didn’t he come to a bad end in that play?

  5. Haha good thoughts here…yeah, King Duncan doesn’t fair so well in Macbeth and I hear what you’re saying with Louis. All the more likely for King Angus or Fergus, then 😉

  6. I will be very very surprised if George is anything but a middle name, if that. It’s so traditional to the point of being common and boring. Using Albert as a middle name would be more of a nod to William’s great-grandpa, if they wanted to do so. Also, it’s tradition for the guys to have 4 names, not 5, so I don’t see that changing. Like everyone else, I have a harder time with boy’s names…girls are just more fun to name! But if I had the honor of naming him, I’d choose HRH Prince Philip Arthur Charles William, or Prince Arthur Philip Charles William.

  7. I am thinking Philip William Charles Michael Honor the Fathers and Have a strong and not old fashion first name.


  8. just cant see it being Oliver. Oliver Cromwell, Oliver Plunkett, Oh dear….

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