Kate & William in Baby Blue & Other Musings

Well that was fun. Hurray for live streaming on the internet so we are no longer beholden to the news.

Everything that went down today outside the front door of the Lindo Wing was all well thought out and co-ordinated. I mean, this had been planned to precision, so let’s discuss.

Private Lindo Wing At St. Mary's Hospital

First up, we saw photographs of Kate’s hairdresser and an aide with a car seat heading in a back entrance earlier today, so it seemed Kate & William were preparing for their big exit.


This brought back memories of seeing pictures of a woman looking alarmingly like Sarah Burton arriving at The Goring Hotel pre-wedding to make sure Kate’s wedding dress was just so. Remember that? She tried to hide with that get up, but no dice:


Anyway, then there were two sets of visitors today. First we had Carole and Michael Middleton arriving in the mid afternoon, followed by Charles and Camilla who presumably needed a bit more time getting there after their engagements in Yorkshire.

Obviously, for a normal visit to the hospital the grandparents wouldn’t be getting all gussied up but when there are banks of photographers waiting, you put on a nice dress (which I love) and a smart jacket like the Middletons did.


Interestingly they showed up in a cab. Is that cabbie going to have a story to tell, or what? Was it just a random cabbie or one that the Middletons call when they’re in London perhaps? I’m waiting for that to show up on the Daily Mail. I’m thinking that Carole and Michael drove in and went over to Pippa’s flat where they left their car, and then took a cab from there to the hospital with some help from William and Kate’s office  to co-ordinate it so that they could easily drive in, have the taxi waiting, and head off again. Yes, I think about these things.


In yesterday’s post I mentioned I couldn’t really imagine that the Middletons would speak to the press afterwards but I’m glad I was wrong. Michael seemed a bit shy  (he just seems so darn nice what with his slightly rumpled pants and all) and like he just wanted to get in the cab already. But he stuck with it and let Carole do the chatting. Love how she said “Fabulously!” when she was asked how Kate and William were doing. It sounded very like Michelle Dockery on Downton Abbey. Fabulously!


Then up came Charles and Camilla and  they went in for a half hour or so. On the way out Charles spilled the beans about the baby that “You wait and see. You’ll see in a moment.” Hurrah!


An hour and  half or so later, Kate and William made their exit.

First a stream of staff members came out to stand by the steps which is definitely something to write home about. That’s a good day at the office, am I right? And then Kate and William appeared in co-ordinated baby blue outfits, because of course.


Do you think she had a pink polka dot dress on standby along with a pink button down for William? I must admit these are the things I think about and I know Kate does, too. I think she totally did.


Hmmm….well, it looks like she had a few dresses to choose from at least:


Also, she was not actively trying to avoid a Diana comparison since Diana first appeared with William in a green polka dot frock (which she had worn a couple of weeks prior at a polo match) on those same steps. So Kate really kept the traditions going today:

Diana Charles & baby

And while we’re at it, as we mentioned yesterday, Kate’s doctor was totally appropriately co-ordinated, too. He appeared last night in this pink shirt and blue tie:

The medical team in charge of the Royal baby leave the Lindo Wing

Back to William and Kate.

After a few moments,  Kate did the hand over to William, then off they went down the steps they went for a chat with the assembled press. Kate looked to William to do most of the chatting. Here’s a transcript of everything that went down.

Media: a reporter says something like “Tell us about him, your baby boy” It’s so darn hard to hear what he actually said, so bear with me.

William: Well he’s got a good pair of lungs on him, that’s for sure. He’s a big boy. He’s quite heavy, but uh we’re still working on a name, so we’ll have that as soon as we can, but, uh, it’s the first time we’ve seen him really so we’re having a proper chance to catch up.

Media: And then another says something like “How are you feeling?”

William: Very emotional.

Kate: Yes, it’s very emotional. It’s such a special time. I think any parents I think probably sort of… know what this feeling feels like. (We’ll give her a break, she must have been tuckered out)

William: It’s very special.

Kate: Yes.

Media: There was a four hour wait between the birth and the announcement. That was time for you,  I assume.

William: It was and I’ll remind him of his tardiness when he’s a bit older. I know how long you’ve all been standing out here, so hopefully the hospital and you guys can all go back to normal and we can, you know, go  look after him…

Media: something about how the baby is looking

William: He’s got her looks thankfully.

Kate: No, no, no. I’m not sure about that.

William says something to Kate about walking down to the other reporters

Media: Ok I really can’t hear what the reporter is asking…it’s got to be something about something about the baby’s name

Updated July 24: The reporter was asking if the name would be George! And as confirmed today, the baby’s name is George Alexander Louis

William: (laughing) wait and see wait and see.

Media: Have you changed the first nappy?

William: Oh, we’ve done that already.

Kate: Yes, yes, he’s done the first nappy already.

William: It’s good.

Kate: He’s very, very good.

Media: Some sort of comment about the baby’s hair that I can’t quite make out

William: He’s got way more than me, thank God.

And then there were lots of thank you’s and off they went up the steps again and into the building to get Baby Cambridge all situated in the car seat.

Then out they came with William carrying the car seat and I’ve got to ask – was William driven home in a car seat or were they much more cavalier in 1982? I can’t make that out in the available videos.


William did an impressive job of getting it in the car seamlessly. Then off they went to KP, with William at the wheel. It seems like it was purposefully normal in what was obviously not a not normal situation and you gotta love that that’s how they wanted it.

So what is next??

There’s been a lot of talk about Kate heading off to her parents house for a few weeks and it’s possible that the drive to KP drive was a ruse and that they were heading to the Middleton’s after.  Logistically I think it’s far more likely that they’re staying in  their little two bedroom cottage in Kensington Palace. It’s called Nottingham Cottage or ‘NotCot’ and it’s their home at KP until their twenty room apartment is ready in the fall.  If you like, you can check out our post on NotCot here.


We know William has a couple of week’s off, and they have some family in London that need to see the baby before Kate is spirited off to Bucklebury. Namely, the Queen. I can’t imagine that she’ll be  popping by the Middleton’s home with Philip in tow.

So, perhaps Kate and William will make the short drive over to Buckingham Palace at some point before the Queen heads to Balmoral on Friday for a wee visit.

Updated July 24: Kate came to William and Kate at Nottingham Cottage. I’m sure they had a chat about the baby’s name and she must have given George Alexander Louis the seal of approval, even though it wasn’t required. How nice. And Kate and William and Baby George are in Bucklebury now after having had a visit with Prince Harry at KP as well.


And then there’s Harry, evidentally off in training. He must be itching to come for a visit as soon as he has some time off, and  there were reports that Pips and her boyfriend  have already been to KP for a visit. They must be happy to be chilling out now in sweatpants.

Before we sign off, Sophie (who was looking AMAZING in a summery white dress), spoke a bit about the news at her engagement today.

She really seems genuinely excited and happy about the news, and very real about when they’ll likely meet the baby.She said:

“Not yet, I’ve sent messages, but I’m hoping in the next couple of days to catch up with them. I think they’ll probably be wanting to just be together at the moment… I think, well, having had babies myself I know that you really want to sort of close down the hatches and just be together with your immediate family in the first few days, so I hope to be able to see the baby sometime soon, but not plans as yet.”

She seems to totally get it! I wonder if Kate will be brave enough to take Baby Cambridge to Balmoral during the summer break so the family can all have a visit with him.

This is William and Harry with Charles mucking around at Balmoral in 1987:


So hopefully we’ll have Baby Cambridge’s name reveal SOON…and then we have the christening to look forward to! More posts coming in the next few days.

Updated July 24: Hurrah for Baby George Alexander Louis

Thanks for popping by!

Photos: Getty/ Zimbio/ PA/ Splash News/ Rob Todd


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15 replies

  1. Wiliam was not put in a car seat 31 years ago. Film clips show Diana holding him in the car. Laws have changed during that time and that was something that dawned on me this morning was whether or not we would be able to see the baby if it was strapped in a car seat. Well, that issue was handled brilliantly and we got to see two glimpses of the baby and gave William and Catherine the chance to speak to everyone.

    • Amazing! I’m Canadian and was born just a month before William and I’m pretty sure it was law then that babies had to be buckled up in a car seat. So interesting. Thanks!

      • My son was born in 1980 and it was the law in Canada that newborns had to go home in a carseat.

        However, it was not the law in the UK at the time, and I distinctly remember that Diana held William for the drive home.

  2. ^^^”Yes, I think about these things.” (re Middletons’ taxi)

    ^^^”I must admit these are the things I think about and I know Kate does, too. I think she totally did.”

    I’m very glad you do think about them and then share them with us!

  3. Lynne: You are correct! Even without viewing the video above, it’s quite clear in my mind that Diana CAREFULLY got into car holding the infant prince William (with Harry too I think). How very modern with the whole car seat scene and Prince William at the wheel! As one website pointed out, we did get a quick but touching look at Kate ‘checking’ on her baby once they were both settled in the back seat and before the car pulled away…
    The scene as the new family walked out of the hospital was very emotional for this royal watcher ‘across the pond’ – it’s like they’ve come full circle (although I’m sure one or two more children will follow) – first beautiful couple, now beautiful family.
    To once again share something read on another site, hoping that William’s family life going forward is happy and secure and makes up for some of the sadness and loss experienced after his mother’s death.
    Jenniffer, Connecticut, USA

  4. At one point, the wind blew and I thought I saw Diana’s sapphire earrings on Kate’s ears… You know, the ones she had made into a drop style (an idea which I LOVE b/c they retain all the original integrity of the earrings yet make them a style that Kate seems to prefer). Can this girl do no wrong? She’s always thinking about the small things (so like Diana)…
    Did anyone else notice this?

  5. Thank goodness for this site! Where else could I get my ‘royal fix’ and discuss all this stuff with others? I would think the next public sighting of the baby will be the christening. I don’t think we saw William between the hospital exit and his christening. Interesting how already different news organizations/web sites are talking about how this one will be more public than in the past, although I can’t imagine it being televised. Maybe the camera’s will be able to view something like everyone walking out of the church, similar to the hospital exit? And the talk is St. George’s Chapel vs. the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. Maybe easier for the Queen, if she is north on her fall holiday?

    • Love getting all your thoughts here- thanks for contributing to our royal musings! I agree that it won’t be public and will probably be held after the Queen’s holiday at Balmoral. I read somewhere that there would be a photocall in two weeks but that just seems like wishful thinking. Atleast we’ll have some more formal portraits to look forward to of Kate, William, and George!

    • Is there anything on the court calender on Nov 14th, Charles’ 65th birthday? I was just thinking that William was christened on the Queen Mother’s birthday and so maybe they will schedule it on Charles’ birthday. The baby will be almost 4 months old by then. Another option is to have it done over the Christmas holidays while at Sandringham. That way he would be christened in the same church as Diana, St. Mary Magdalene.

      • To follow Lynne’s thought, Nov 20th would be the Queen + Prince Phillip’s wedding anniversary –
        another date to honor?

  6. …and we’ll have to see if William presents Kate with a gift of jewelry to celebrate the birth of their new son…

  7. According to Twitter, they spent the night at NotCot, where Pippa, James, Harry, and the Queen were able to visit, After the Queen’s visit today they left for the Middletons.

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