Royal Christmas Cards from Monaco

Back in December of 2011, we published several posts showing Christmas cards of various royals over the years, like this one from Prince Charles in 1996:

Three Shepherds (via Daily Mail)

Three Shepherds (via Daily Mail)

We thought we’d keep that tradition going this year so today, we’re taking a look at Christmas cards from Monaco. I must say it’s been rather tricky unearthing them, so we hope you enjoy the few we managed to find.


All of the Christmas cards that were received by the Kennedy administration were carefully saved and now reside at the John F. Kennedy Library. One of those cards was sent by Princess Grace and Prince Rainier, and featured a photo of their children playing in the snow with gorgeous mountains in behind.

The Grimaldi kids playing in the snow (via BroadwaytoVegas)

Albert and Caroline playing in the snow (via BroadwaytoVegas)

As you may recall, Grace was friendly with Jackie Kennedy, and Grace and Ranier were guests of honour at a luncheon at the White House in the summer of 1961. My guess is that this photo was taken in the Swiss ski resort of Gstaad during the winter of 1961. Gstaad was a favourite winter destination for the family and this photo was taken there in 1961 of Grace, Caroline, and Albert so the timing lines up! Princess Stephanie was born in 1965.

Grace, Caroline, and Albert

Grace, Caroline, and Albert (via Grace and Family)

Here’s another taken that year:

Learning to ski

Learning to ski (via Grace Film)


The next card we’ve been able to find is this one, which was sent to friends (including Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lewis) in the winter of 1968.

Christmas Card from Princess Grace & Prince Rainier 1968 (Via John King Books)

Christmas Card from Princess Grace & Prince Rainier 1968 (Via John King Books)

Grace and Jerry had become friends during her acting years and here they are together at the Oscars in 1956.

Grace & Jerry at the Oscars in 1956

Grace & Jerry at the Oscars in 1956

While the card is a bit dull merely because I’d rather see a picture of Grace, Rainier and the kiddos, I looove the gorgeous calligraphy and that one of the stamps displays the profiles and Grace and Rainier. Perfection!


That next year, Grace had her friend and photographer Howell Conant capture some Christmas photos of the family, which hopefully meant there was a more delightful card in their friend’s mailboxes that year.

The Grimaldis in 1968 (via

The Grimaldis in 1968 (via Habitually Chic)

I love this photo that Howell took, too.

That's a serious Christmas tree (via Doses of Grace)

That’s a serious Christmas tree (via Doses of Grace)

And this one.

Wrapping time (via )

Wrapping time (via Eaton Square)

Ok, one more of the kids. This time they were getting friendly with some blow-up Santas.

kiss, kiss (via Eaton Square)

kiss, kiss (via Eaton Square)

Howell Conant took wonderful pictures of Grace and her family over the years. According to the LA Times, when Princess Grace died in a car accident in September of 1982, Howell Conant was packing for a trip to Monaco to take the family’s Christmas card picture. He travelled to Monaco immediately, and left his camera behind.

For more information on Grace and Howell’s decades-long relationship and the hundreds of photographs he took, check out our posts here, here, and here.


Moving ahead a few years, Princess Caroline sent out this Christmas card in 1984. It featured a yawning baby Andrea Casiraghi who had been born in June of that year.

Princess Caroline's 1984 Christmas card (via Pinterest)

Princess Caroline’s 1984 Christmas card (via Pinterest)

Here is the inside of the card, signed by Caroline and her husband Stefano

Andrea got married in August 2013 to Andrea Santo Domingo in Monaco and he is currently second in line to the throne after Princess Stephanie.

Andrea and Tatiana (via Hello!)

Andrea and Tatiana (via Hello!)


Jumping ahead even further in 2008, Prince Albert sent out this rather uninspired “Happy New Year” card to ring in 2009. It featured a picture of the globe and his royal monogram. So boring, Albert. SO BORING.

Albert's 2009 New Year Wishes (via )

Albert’s 2009 New Year Wishes (via ebay)

I haven’t been able to track down any joint Christmas cards from Albert and Charlene (have you?!), so this photo will just have to do as we wrap up this post. It was taken in December of 2011 when Charlene and Albert were on hand to open the Christmas Village in Monaco.

Charlene, Albert, & Santa (via)

Charlene, Albert, & Santa (via Royal Chronicles)

If you’d like to check out some more royal christmas cards, click away.

We’ll look at more royal Christmas cards in our next couple of posts as we gear up for the holidays. See you then!


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5 replies

  1. I was lucky enough to receive a card from Charlene last year (well in January 2013 actually!) after I wrote to her. It was a picture of a snowy sleigh with a photoshopped Albert and Charlene into the Sleigh LOL!

  2. I have this year Christmas Card from Albert and Charlene. For where i can send it to you?

  3. Andrea is in line behind his mom, Princess Caroline not Stephanie

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