Royals in Hawaii

Happy New Year!

Are you ready for 2014? We are ringing in new beginnings in Hawaii this year (aloha!) and thought it would be fun to take a peak at some British royals who’ve visited this gorgeous place in the last 93 years.

Waikiki Beach NYE 2013

Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach taken on a morning walk on NYE 2013

Edward, Prince of Wales 1920

Did you know that long before he abdicated the throne, Edward was quite the surfer? Well, apparently he was and I just learned about that about two hours ago myself.

Surf on, HRH! (via )

Evidently this is the first photo of a British person up on a board! (via Surfer Today)

This autographed photo of Edward surfing in Hawaii was taken in July of 1920 during a 3 day trip there with Earl Mountbatten. He had first been to Hawaii in April of that year, and during that visit he was given lessons by legendary Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku.  This photograph was purchased by the Museum of British Surfing in Devon, which is how we came across it.

“He had gone to Hawaii in April 1920 on HMS Renown and was taken out by Duke Kahanamoku on an outrigger canoe. He had a surf lesson and did OK, but absolutely loved it”, says Peter Robinson, founder of the museum.

“He later ordered the royal yacht to go back to Hawaii so he could surf for three days. Duke was out of the country when he returned so David Kahanamoku took him out and these pictures were taken then.” 

Historic reports say Edward loved surfing. He spent two hours surfing every morning and three hours every afternoon during their July stay. (Source)

Love it!

The Queen Mum 1966

Not to be outdone, the Queen Mum attempted to hula during her visit to Hawaii in ’66.  Awesome.

The Queen Mum hulas (via )

The Queen Mum gets into the spirit of Aloha  (via Pinterest)

I feel that either of these two pictures could and should be the subject of a “Caption This” contest. And to top it off, the delightful fellow dancing with the Queen Mum is none other than Duke Kahanamoku himself!

The Queen Mum (via )

The Queen Mum (via Culture 24)

Diana & Charles 1985

Princess Diana and Prince Charles visited the island of Oahu in November of 1985 after their tour of Australia and right before they visited Washington, DC when Diana danced with John Travolta and whatnot.

Here they are arriving at Hickam Air Force Base just before midnight on November 7, 1985.


It’s interesting to note that this was Diana’s very first visit to the United States. Crazy, right? Prince Charles had previously visited Hawaii in 1974 during his time in the Navy.

They were given leis as they got off the plane, before they were whisked away to their hotel where they must have been very happy to hit the hay since it was so late at night.

Diana gets into the spirit of Aloha (via Pinterest)

Diana gets into the spirit of Aloha (via Pinterest)

I’m sure they were pretty bummed that their visit just lasted 18 hours. This report of the visit comes from the AP Archives:

The couple stayed at the beachfront Kahala Hilton Hotel, about two miles east of Diamond Head and well away from the bustling and crowded Waikiki Beach resort area. 

Soon after a decoy motorcade left the hotel, the royal couple slipped out of the back entrance and were taken by limousine to a private beachfront residence a few blocks away where they ate a lunch provided by the hotel. 

Reporters and photographers kept watch from across the street. Neighbors said they did not know who lived at the residence. State security officers asked a work crew using a hydraulic cherry picker to trim tree limbs away from electric lines at the home next door to suspend their work, the workers said.

Security men patroled the grounds while others kept watch offshore in rubber dinghies.Other hotel guests seemed to be ignoring the presence of the royal couple, although a few area residents admitted they had come to the hotel in the hope of catching a glimpse of the pair. About two dozen members of the news media, most of them British, waited outside the hotel. Several photographers aimed high-powered lenses at the upper-floor windows where they believed the couple might be staying.

No time for beach time (via Pinterest)

No time for beach time (via Pinterest)

This photograph was taken on the grounds of the Hilton Kahala Hotel where their entourage took over 100 rooms. That little hula girl was gifting them with t-shirts for William and Harry.

Diana and Charles are ready to Hula (via )

Diana and Charles are ready to Hula (via UPI)

Thanks for visiting us here at The Royal Post over the past two and a half years. We plan to write oodles of interesting posts for you this next year, from Kate and William’s upcoming trip to Australia to who knows what else.

We wish you all a ver happy and healthy 2014!


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4 replies

  1. Thanks for increasing my Royal Family?

    Question are the Windsors related to the Hawaiian nobility ?

    Also have a wonderful first day if the New Year!!!

  2. Thanks for the great post! I love the pics of The Queen Mother! Happy New Year!

  3. Hau’oli Makahiki Hou from Maui. Great post. When I first arrived in HI nearly 6 years back I checked all the British & Guernsey ( where my family comes from) links to HI. Though there are very strong links I never found any relationships between the Hawaiian nobility and the Windsors. King Kamehameha II and his wife actually died in London visiting George IV and others in 1824 after contacting measles.

  4. There is some dispute amongst royal watchers about this (Wales) visit. Did the prince and Princess wear the same clothes on arrival that they did 18 hours later on departure? (Difference being that in the daytime (suspected departure) photos Diana wore a necklace in the night time (arrival photos) she did not ) did their plane stop for fuel in Hawaii on the way to Australia (baring in mind they went the long way around to Australia via the Pacific) in which case that would have been the first time Diana landed on American soil. There are photos online of Diana labelled as being at Hickam air base Hawaii in the dark and Diana is wearing blue and white – I hope this mystery can be solved!

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