The Danish Royal Family New Year’s Day Banquet

Happily for us, the New Year is a big time for celebrations, galas, and tiaras in Denmark. These traditional celebrations (known as levees) have been kept up for centuries.

Queen Margrethe and Family (via )

Queen Margrethe and Family (via

Queen Margrethe now has the celebrations extend over three days.  According to the Royal Family’s official website each of the events recognize different movers and shakers in Denmark and are set up as follows:

First day:
New Year’s banquet on 1 January in Christian VII’s Palace, Amalienborg, for the government, the country’s top civil servants and the Royal Court’s leadership.

Second day:
New Year’s levee for the Supreme Court and the officer corps of the Royal Life Guard and Royal Hussar Guard regiments in Christian VII’s Palace, Amalienborg. New Year’s levee for the diplomatic corps at Christiansborg Palace.

Third day:
New Year’s levee for officers from the Defence and the Danish Emergency Management Agency, for the 1., 2. and 3. rank classes, and for invited representatives of large national organizations and those having royal patronage, at Christiansborg Palace.

The Queen & Prince Consort (via

The Queen & Prince Consort (via

This year, the second and third day levees will be celebrated on January 6th and 7th, so we’ll just focus on the New Year’s Day banquet in this post. And,  since this is a blog all about the fun of royal frivolity, we’re going to focus on some of the dresses that the Danish princesses have worn since 2006.


Mary’s puffed sleeves from 2006 are unfortunate but the gown still has a regal air.

Princess Mary in Blue (via )
Princess Mary in blue (via The Occasional Royal)

Attendees of this banquet include recipients of the Order of the Elephant, which is what Mary is wearing around her neck. This order does give a bit of a dressing challenge.


This gorgeous red velvet gown was first brought out in 2007 and since then it has become something of a New Year’s Day staple. On January 1, 2007 Mary was expecting her second child Princess Isabella and this dress worked as a maternity gown. Here are Mary and Frederick arriving at the New Year’s Day banquet, where apparently the security is pretty low and royal watchers aren’t kept behind barricades.

 (via Tumblr) 
                                                                                                              (via Tumblr)

As a side note, Princess Mary also packed this dress for her trip to Oslo that February to help celebrate King Harald of Norway’s 70th birthday.  As you can see, Prince Edward and Mary entered together which is kind of random but awesome.

The 2007 Debut (via Tumblr)
The 2007 Debut (via Tumblr)

Later on Mary danced with Frederick, so we can get a better look at the dress and underskirts. Pretty!

It's a good dress for dancing (via Tumblr)
It’s a good dress for dancing (via Tumblr)


In 2008, Mary brought out this gorgeous velvet cape . Love it, and am just not feeling it with that dress.

The cape is great, the dress not so much (via Yahoo Groups)
The cape is great, the dress looks a bit summery, no? (via Yahoo Groups)


Mary totally killed it with this icy blue dress and fur topped off with Danish rubies, though. Best one yet!

Starting the New Year Right 2009 (via What Mary Wore)

Starting the New Year Right 2009 (via What Mary Wore)

That year Princess Marie wore this gorgeous blue dress to her first New Year’s Day gala. She married Prince Joachim in 2007, but it appears that she did not attend the event in 2008.

Another fur! (via Princesses Lives)

Another fur! (via Princesses Lives)


In 2010, Mary turned out in orange number bedecked in fur.

Going for a bold colour (via )
Going for a bold colour (via Style of Mary)

And Marie chose this pink floaty gown.

Princess Marie (via Princess's Lives)

Princess Marie (via Princesses Lives)


Mary skipped the 2011 New Year’s events because she was expecting Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. Princess Marie showed up in this lovely gown, though the neckline made the Order of the Elephant look a bit off kilter, no?

Princess Marie (via Mad Hattery)

Princess Marie (via Mad Hattery)


Mary was out again  in full force in 2012 and showed up in the gorgeous red velvet dress from 2007.  It had been reworked into this lovely creation and has become a favourite of mine forever.

Look. at. that. train. Also, take note of the brooch on her waistband.

Red Velvet (via Hello)

Red Velvet (via Hello)

Mary certainly didn’t skimp on the accessories, either. Check out the rubies and diamonds in the hair from the Danish ruby parure.

Why not wear it all? (via Mad Hattery)

Why not wear it all? (via Mad Hattery)

That year Queen Margrethe wore this awesome pink gown.

In the pink (via Oh No They Didn't)

In the pink (via Oh No They Didn’t)


In 2013, Mary brought out the orange again, and this time wore the diamond brooch on the top of her skirt.

More orange for Mary (via Hello!)

More orange for Mary (via Hello!)

Princess Marie showed up in hot pink.

Princess Marie (via Hello)

Princess Marie (via Hello)

And Queen Margrethe brought out this navy velvet gown.

Queen  Margrethe (via Hello!)

Queen Margrethe (via Hello!)


And now here we are in 2014. On January 1,  Mary brought the red gown out again, this time with a matching velvet choker bedecked in diamonds. In fact, it looks like she took the brooch that had been on her belt in 2012 and skirt in 2013 decided to wear it around her neck this time. It looks like the velvet matches perfectly, which must have come from scraps left over from the reworking.

Ringing in 2014 in style (via Pinterest)

TRinging in 2014 in style (via Pinterest)

This move reminds me of Diana’s velvet choker, remember?

She actually had a couple.

I realize that Mary’s trying to shake things up a bit and give the dress a fresh look with that choker, but man there is a lot going on here.


Anyway, Princess Marie wore this gorgeous blue gown. In this case the fact that she doesn’t have as many jewels to wear really works in her favour, no?

Marie & Joachim (via Hello)

Marie & Joachim (via Hello)

So, any favourites? Would love to hear. Hope your New Year is off to a terrific start!


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  1. This question doesn’t pertain to this column, but I am wondering if you know if the Queen sent out Christmas cards this year? Also, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Much ado was made about Prince George and the Queen being shown on the cover, but I can’t find anything on it. Thank you.

  2. Hey, look at the simian line on the palm of Margrethe ! And on Josephine ! Who else in the family has the line? Are they all on the same right palm ? Why does Fred had the line on his left palm ? Does it change palms for each gender ?
    I have one too, on my right palm, just like Margrethe.

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