Some More Royal Nicknames

In a post published back in September of 2011 when this blog was brand new, we had some fun chatting about some of the cute and sometimes quirky royal nicknames of the British Royal Family (Cookie! Duch! Lillibet!). Almost three years on (it’s already mid July?!), we’ve gathered a few more to share.

Queen Mary of Teck aka ‘May’

Queen Mary, Consort to George V (her second cousin once removed) and grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II, was one heck of a grand dame who never skipped out on wearing a tiara to dinner, even on a random Tuesday night at home. To those closest to her she was known as May, after her birth month.

Topley Studio; Photographer: WIlliam James Topley (1845-1930)

Topley Studio; Photographer: WIlliam James Topley (1845-1930)

To her granddaughter (now Queen Elizabeth), she was simply Granny. “Granny’s chips” which is how Queen Elizabeth likes to refer to this bauble here,  known more formally as the Cullinan Brooch.

The Royal Collection © 2012,Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II RCIN 100005

The Royal Collection © 2012,Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
RCIN 100005

That’s the Cullinan IV at the top, and the Cullinan III is suspended from it. These stones come from the largest diamond ever found and we were lucky enough to see them in person a couple of years ago during an exhibit at Buckingham Palace. Our post from that day can be found here.

More information on this beauty can also be found over The Royal Collection or at The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendour, a delightful blog.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark aka “Daisy”

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is affectionately known to friends, family, and subjects as “Daisy.”

Provenance Unknown

Provenance Unknown

It’s a common nickname for Margaret, so she shared this nickname with her namesake and grandmother, Princess Margaret of Connaught (later the Crown Princess of Sweden). She passed away in 1920, 20 years before the future Queen Margrethe was born. Here’s the first Daisy:

Provenance Unknown

Provenance Unknown

Queen Margrethe regularly wears a diamond encrusted brooch of a Daisy which was gifted to her for her wedding. The diamonds had belonged to Crown Princess Margaret and, as you can see, the brooch was a focal point on her wedding gown:

Provenance unknown

Provenance unknown

She busts it out of the jewel box quite often, and wore it to Kate and William’s wedding in 2011:

Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty

Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty

Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark aka ‘Pingo’

Daisy’s son Frederick picked up the totally random nickname “Pingo” when he began training for the Danish Armed Services. And he did really well, by the way. He was one of four in 300 to pass a rigorous test for the Naval Diving Corps.

Provenance unknown

Provenance unknown

I like it. Pingo! Suits him, doesn’t it?

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark

Mary and Frederick at Wimbledon, July 2014 (via Pinterest)

Mary and Frederick in the royal box at Wimbledon, July 2014 (via Pinterest)

Meanwhile, Prince Frederick likes to call Mary’s Maz, which we read in this entertaining 2013 account of an interview in The Sydney Morning Herald. Seems like a very British or Australian thing to do…reminds me of the nickname of Bridget Jone’s friend ‘Shazzer’, who’s real name I think was Sharon

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden aka Oja

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden is apparently known to close family simply as ‘Oja’, or atleast this was her nickname when she was younger. What it means, I couldn’t tell you, but I’m throwing it in here anyway!

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

That’s all she wrote for now. Do you have any more up your sleeves you can share with us?


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5 replies

  1. Oja seems to me the name a little toddler would use who can’t pronounce Victoria. so she may have named herself or her siblings could have done that.

  2. Cute idea for all of us to read about, since it seems like very “insider” info.

    The picture of Victoria reminds me of why I like her so much. She seems to take the role seriously, but she doesn’t seem to take her self seriously. Who knows, but that is the way she comes across in photos to me.

  3. I remember reading that Diana’s family called her ‘Dutch’ thinking she would marry Andrew and become a Duchess. I also hear that Diana called Princess Beatrice ‘Trixie’ which is adorable.

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