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  1. Welcome back! I thought you had disappeared off the face of the earth…

  2. Hello! Love your Royal Post I am thanking you kindly!

    This was the last one I have received. Are you still in operation?

    I pray you are. Sincerely, Marilyn Roccoforte, USA

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  3. Hello! I am enjoying reading through your blogs, which I just discovered tonight. I have noticed generally over time that an inordinate amount of time and space seems to be paid to everyone’s favorite eengagement rings, but almost nothing at all in the way of coverage for the wedding bands. While the engagement ring seems surely to be the flashier of the two, personally, I find the wedding ring or band to rank a little higher in importance. I mean, the engagement ring symbolizes a promise made, but the wedding band symbolizes the promise kept.
    I have managed to scare up a little bit of information on a few wedding rings, and their back story can be as interesting as that of the engagement ring, too. How about doing some coverage on the rings given at the wedding ceremony, since those are really the only remaining item left after the wedding ceremony has been said and done?

  4. IIRC, some newspapers were about to scoop the Royal Family on the engagement, so the official announcement and photocall were pushed up. The outfit which Mathilde planned to wear wasn’t ready so she wore the “corporate casual” outfit. I’m surprised, though, that she had nothing even remotely “dressy” to wear in her closet.

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