Rarely seen Candid Photos of Charles & Diana

Poking around the internet over the last while, we’ve come across some interesting candid photos we thought you’d enjoy, so let’s dive in!

This carefree photo of Diana (on the right) and a friend may have been taken while she was either finishing up at her boarding school West Heath or while she was Institut Alpin Videmanette, the finishing school in Switzerland she attended for a short while. Do any of you out there know when this was taken?

This casual shot was taken of a 17 year old Diana while she was working as a nanny for the daughter of a family friend. The family’s former au pair Marion her Reehorst came for a visit and took this photo.

When she shared this photograph in 2007, she recalled: “Diana was very sweet and giggly but quite shy and unconfident. I made her laugh when I told her about a very rich man I had been dating that I didn’t want to marry. In return, she told me about her sister, Sarah. She seemed very fond of her but also quite jealous and told me she had dated Prince Charles.” (source)

This next photo was snapped of Princess Diana taking a peak out the window of her Coleherne Court flat when the press was camped outside in 1980 so it is rather eerie. Our post giving some more information on Diana’s flat can be found here, if you’d like to read it.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Moving along, this photo shows Diana and Charles kissing in Buckingham Palace on their wedding day.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

This is apparently of Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their 1981 honeymoon. So relaxed and natural, right?!

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

This photo must have been taken around the same time.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

And here they are relaxing at polo.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Diana and the Queen appear to be having a little chat in this shot. This is from the era when Diana was regularly wearing the pearl choker her family gave her on her 18th birthday.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

This happy snap of Diana, Charles and Harry in a floaty boat was taken at the Highgrove pool. The photo comes from the 1986 book In Private In Public: The Prince and Princess of Wales. I ordered an old copy off of Amazon (for $4!)  and it just arrived. I’ve just had a quick flip through it so far, and it’s a goldmine! So many photo’s I’ve never seen before. I’m looking forward to sharing more of it soon (have any of you read it already and love it?).

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

As a side note, Diana’s giving me a bit of a Grace Kelly emerging from the water vibe…do you see it?


These next photos have a unique provenance. You may recall Diana’s old flatmate and friend Carolyn Bartholemew (she was one of the few friend’s that Diana asked speak to Andrew Morton for her ‘tell al book). In 1989, Carolyn paid a visit to Highgrove with her son Jack and his nanny. Their nanny had brought a camera which Prince Harry and Prince William took over and snapped away.

It seems Harry took this one. That’s such  homey and normal quilt on the bed, right? It must have been one of the guest rooms.

What a cute trio. (via Daily Mail)

What a cute trio. (via Daily Mail)

and perhaps he took this one, too! Diana looks so tanned, happy, and relaxed.

Diana! (via Daily Mail)

Diana! (via Daily Mail)

More information photos of that Highgrove visit can be found here.

Are any of these shots new to you? A lot of them are brand new to me, which is such a treat!

Here are a few of our older posts on rarely seen royal photos if you’d like to keep clicking around:


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13 replies

  1. She was so young and pretty in this snaps. I think that everything happened too early in her life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That picture of the woman in the water IS Princess Grace not Princess Diana. It can be found on page 13 of the book GRACE by Howell Conant.

    I am the original owner of In Private – In Public The Prince and Princess of Wales by Alastair Burnet, copyright 1986 and yes, a treasure indeed. It’s ‘sister’ book is In Person The Prince and Princess of Wales, copyright 1985. Both of these give us a beautiful insight as to the royal marriage and family at the time they were produced. Just as we can never have enough pictures of Kate, back then we could never have enough pictures of Diana.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my views with you…

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks so much for the tip on In Person The Prince and Princess of Wales – just found a used copy on amazon and it will be here in two days, yippee!
      I can see how my grace kelly comment was misleading. I was referring to how the photo of Charles and Diana in the pool (just above it in the post) reminded me of the iconic Grace in the water photo, so I added it in. I tried to recreate the photo on the beach in Cannes many years ago but couldn’t quite get the same look 😉
      Thanks again for the tip!

  3. Love this post! I save reading it and wait for a special time to indulge! It is better than dessert!
    Grace Kelly indeed! So enjoyed this one. Even ordered a copy of the same book from Amazon. Thank you for telling us about that source.
    Thank goodness you are back posting! Please keep it up. Thank you.

    • Wow thanks so much for including The Royal Post in your day as a special treat, that means a lot!! I’m feeling inspired to dive back in and get back to posting. Thanks a million!

      • You are most welcome! So enjoy your writing! Really delightful and informative. Again, thank you for your Post.

  4. I purchased the “In Private In Public: The Prince and Princess of Wales”.when it first came out. Interestingly, it was a companion piece to a television documentary that was done on them. If I remember correctly, it included the pool scenes.

    • Fascinating! I found a copy of the documentary just now and unfortunately so far I can only find it on VHS…and I don’t have a tape player anymore. I will keep searching!

      • It is on You Tube! Don’t let the description of it being produced in 1983 mislead you…whoever posted it on YouTube got it wrong. I watched the first 15 min of it to make sure it was the correct one and it was an interesting experience to see it after all these years.

      • This is fantastic ! Thanks so much for the great find, Lynne! I’m looking forward to watching it intently later this evening and most likely many times again after that

  5. Thank you for this information regarding the YouTube film Charles and Diana in private and in public. I am watching it right now and it is wonderful! I had no idea this was available. Thank goodness yet again for your Royal post!

  6. Love the relaxing poses of Charles and Diana – good to see they enjoyed each other’s company at some point. Lovely Photos and of course commentary. Good to see you back!

  7. I love this Post! Thank you so much for your time and effort and sharing and all have done here. I have been spending many evenings reading your posts. And will continue. I have always been fascinated by royalty and Diana has always been my hero and she is so real. I will also be going to Amazon and Utube to order the above books and watch the video, thank you so much!

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