A First Look at Netflix Series The Crown

Have you heard about the new series that will debut later this year exclusively on Netflix? It’s called The Crown and Netflix did not create this show on the cheap; the budget is a reported $156 million dollars, far more than they’ve ever spent on an exclusive series.

This past summer some pictures were revealed showing the filming of Princess Elizabeth’s wedding and the attention to detail is so impressive. Check out the bridesmaids dresses in the photo from the production..

Princess Elizabeth's bridemsaids all dolled up (Source)

Princess Elizabeth’s bridemsaids all dolled up (Source)

and then compare them the photo from the actual wedding day. Princess Margaret is on the far left next to Lady Mary Cambridge and the bride and groom on the Buckingham Palace balcony on November 20, 1947.

Waving to the cheering crowds in The Mall (source)

Waving to the cheering crowds in The Mall (source)

And here comes actress Claire Foy as Princess Elizabeth in a gorgeous carriage.

Claire Foy En route to the Abbey (source)

Claire Foy En route to the Abbey (source)

Check out the replicas of the fringe tiara and her Norman Hartnell wedding dress Princess Elizabeth wore. Our post the dress can be found here and is full of information on the detail that went into the gown.

Arriving! (source)

Arriving! (source)

For this scene, Ely Cathedral stood in for Westminster Abbey.


Preparations under way (source)

John Lithgow plays Winston Churchill and Harriet Walter is Clementine Churchill – love her as Fanny Dashwood in the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility. Another Sense and Sensibility costar is in the series as well; Greg Wise (aka Willoughby) plays Louis Mountbatten.

Churchill and (source)

Churchill and (source)

The exact date the show will be released hasn’t been made public, but Netflix has just released an official trailer which is creating plenty of buzz. Check it out here.

Queen Mary looks AMAZING, right?  Prince Philip looks so convincing as well. Looking forward to devouring this show as soon as it comes out. Will you be watching?




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6 replies

  1. Yes I will be watching! Cannot help but wonder what The Queen thinks or has to say regarding this film. Do you think she was consulted or has seen clips? Have you heard anything at all regarding The Queen’s opinion? Or thoughts?
    Thanks for this informative post.

    • I haven’t yet but there were published reports from good sources that she did enjoy the Queen’s Speech. I imagine that they will be curious – Prince Edward in particular what with this background in television production. Also, the BBC had been hoping to be apart of the series but Netflix won out in the end. It’s too bad – this would have been a huge win for the BBC

  2. looks like a lot of fun! at least for us…not so sure about for the British Royal Family….Matt Smith is going to be really good in this…and love the costumes!

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