The Royal Posters are two sisters who have loved all things Royal since we were wee tots. No doubt our mum sparked this love when she pasted that picture of the infant Prince William into our baby books since we are the exact same age.

And do we see similarities here or what??

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Copyright The Royal Post

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Copyright The Royal Post



As you can see, we love the British Royals but we also post on other Royal Families as the spirit moves us.This is a venue to discuss all royal delights, no matter how light hearted and frivolous they may be. No judgement here. Let’s enjoy!

If you’d like to email us comments,post ideas, or have us review your royal book we’d love to hear from you! Our email address is royalpostemail@gmail.com

Our Twitter account is @TheRoyalPost and you can also find us on Facebook under “The Royal Post”

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11 replies

  1. “…a picture of Prince William in our baby books since we are the exact same age…”

    Does this mean you two sisters are twins? I can so identify with how your interest developed; in grade school I read a book about Queen Elizabeth and realized we shared a birthday, if not the year.

    Love the tone and the info in your blog ~ thank you!

    • Thanks so much for your note! We are indeed twins. It’s always fun hearing how people’s interests developed. If you have any post requests, let us know!

      • And now of course I wonder if you’re identical or fraternal…

        Re post requests, it’d be very valuable to have links to news stories of the day.
        E.g., today a Danish princess was born, but no mention of it here. Perhaps news could be linked to “Royal Magazine Features” somehow?

        Thanks for considering!

    • I love your Royal Post site! Keep up the excellent reporting and you have me for life.

  2. Huge fan of the British Monarchy, great blog, thanks! I’ve posted something about an event with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from a year ago if you’re interested? Blog is http://www.learnerlondoner.wordpress.com 🙂

  3. When I click on “Comments” link, is there any way to see more than 10?
    Thanks, you do an excellent job!

    • Hmm.. I don’t think any of our posts have more than ten comments individually so that could explain it…unless you are seeing something that I am not since I’m logged in as an administrator. So glad that you enjoy the blog! Thank you!

  4. This is the “Comments” link on the far left, under “Subscribe.” It takes you to a summary of the ten latest comments overall, so not tied to one specific post.
    Lovely posts, all.

  5. Why are there no entries for the Duchess of Cornwall?

    • You can find entries for the Duchess under the British Royal Family. We didn’t make a special entry for her yet because we don’t have enough posts on her yet to warrant it. We do love her, though!

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